Flotronics Automation launches interactive 3D CAD product configurator powered by CADENAS for Modular Solutions division

Industrial guarding manufacturer reduces cost by 10 percent while cutting down lead time by two weeks

Flotronics Automation’s guarding solutions brand, known as Modular Solutions, has launched an all-new 3D CAD product configurator. Built by CADENAS, the tool enables engineers to find, configure and download 3D CAD & BIM data for the MOD-Guard series of products. By delivering on-demand access to product data, Flotronics Automation provides an industry-leading digital experience while reducing customer project costs by 10 percent and lead times by two weeks.

Modular Solutions’ aluminum profiles enable engineers to easily construct products for a variety of applications, including conveyors, enclosures, workstations, and more. These highly customizable products are built from Modular Solutions’ T-Slot profiles, which are extruded in the United States and assembled at Flotronics Automation’s Auburn Hills facility. MOD-Guard products can be configured as an individual section or by the entire project. Sections can be cut to size and shape, and customers can purchase them as a kit or finished product.

Customers take the wheel during configuration

“In the past customers sent us specs for the Robotic or Machine Guarding they wanted, and we would spend 8-10 hours developing a design for them,” said Steve Schmaltz, Owner of Flotronics Automation. “Then we would go back and forth until the design met the customer’s needs. This took time for both parties. Our new product configurator has streamlined the process and put the customer in the driver seat.”

The new tool has enabled MOD-Guard to reduce their lead time by two weeks and reduce customer costs by 10 percent. Schmaltz added, “The main reason we chose to implement this solution was to save our customers time and money. By reducing the burden on our internal resources, we accelerate our delivery time and pass these savings along to customers.”