Breathtaking frequency: 1,260 CAD model downloads per minute by architects, engineers and planners

With digital product catalogs powered by CADENAS, component manufacturers keep reaching new records

The large selection of 3D CAD & BIM models on 3Dfindit and the PARTcommunity download portals powered by CADENAS make the hearts of engineers and architects beat faster. This is also noticeable in the CAD download numbers. While there were around 405 million 3D CAD & BIM model downloads in 2019, engineers and architects have already downloaded over 666 million digital product data in 2020. And it is already becoming apparent that the number of CAD components downloaded this year will again top the previous download record of 2020.

This increase also pleases the component manufacturers represented on the CADENAS portals because every 3D CAD download of a product represents a valuable sales contact. The number of 3D CAD downloads is also increasing thanks to, the technical search engine for 3D manufacturer components developed by CADENAS. increases the global marketing potential of component manufacturers

The innovative search engine by CADENAS was launched in June 2019. Conventional search engines focus specifically on delivering search results that are as suitable as possible for everyday use. However, these are often unsuitable or irrelevant for engineering and the architecture sector. Using, manufacturers and their technical products can be integrated directly into the CAD & BIM designs of engineers and architects as well as into the respective parts lists. These are then ultimately procured by the purchasing department. Studies show that in 82% of cases the download of engineering data later leads to a real purchase of the product.

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