20 years Industry Forum: On 20 & 21 March 2019 CADENAS again invites to the event all about current trends of the industry

The Industry Forum has been a meeting place for specialists from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plant construction and architecture for two decades

20th anniversary of the CADENAS Industry Forum

"A platform where various sectors join forces and make a difference together": It was under this motto that Jürgen Heimbach, Managing Director of CADENAS GmbH, invited to the "1st Industry Forum for Product and Standard Catalogs" in 1999.

At that time, the one-day event offered visitors only eight lectures, but interest in innovative possibilities for process optimization in purchasing & engineering as well as the marketing of technical products with digital parts catalogs was already very high.

Impressions of the early days of the CADENAS Industry Forum

CADENAS Industry Forum develops as rapidly as the as the industry itself

Over the years, the number of lectures and the number of participants increased steadily and the variety of topics became more and more comprehensive. All companies, renown in the world of component manufacturers, machine builders, design, engineering and architecture will be meeting at the Industry Forum on 20 and 21 March for the 20th time in a row. The WWK Arena in Augsburg, Germany as event venue is not only the home for fans of first-class soccer games, but also the place to be for all professionals and managers of the industry.

Process and cost optimization in design as a competitive edge

Engineers and purchasers who take part in the two-day convention can look forward to stimulating conversations as well as presentations and workshops on topics such as Strategic Parts Management, parts consolidation, cost reduction, Industry 4.0 and digital twin. The shape search GEOsearch and the PURCHINEERING concept are also prime topics.

Best Practice presentations PARTsolutions, amongst others:

Olaf Hilla of WABCO GmbH will give a talk on the implementation of the geometrical shape search GEOsearch by CADENAS and show how standard parts classification supports WABCO's product development process.

Thorsten Müller of PTC – Parametric Technology GmbH, will report on Augmented Reality in service and explain how digital product data can be unleashed via AR. Moreover, he will give helpful tips on the topic of PURCHINEERING.

Daniela Dapper of Groz-Beckert KG will speak about how important the reuse of parts is for modern companies. With her topic "Find, Reuse & Control" in the context of SAP ECTR, she will focus on aspects of the need to renew processes and provide an outlook for the future.

Stephan Stammberger will represent MISUMI Europa GmbH and explain what PURCHINEERING through MISUMISATION means and its advantages for work efficiency as well as process costs and what practical implementation can look like.

Johannes Hoos and Mathias Wiegand of FESTO AG & Co. KG will deal with the topic "AutomationML for automation components" and show how it can be used as a data exchange format and how Industry 4.0 can serve as a driver for digital mechatronic representions.

Frank Epple, Head of Software Development at CADENAS GmbH, will give his highly anticipated talk as every year. He will give engineers and purchasers an exclusive insight into the planned features of Version 12 of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions.

Vortrag des 19. Industry Forums 2018 in der WWK Arena

How Electronic Product Catalogs help component manufacturers maximize their marketing power

Component manufacturers experience in the Best Practice lectures and workshops of the Industry Forum, how they can fully use and further optimize the marketing potential of their products with Electronic CAD Product Catalogs of the eCATALOGsolutions technology. The presentations thus show how to perfect the service for customers while increasing customer loyalty.

Best Practice presentations eCATALOGsolutions, amongst others:

Anatol Kligermann of Balluff GmbH will talk about extending the Electronic Product Catalog with CAE data. He will also report about the technical and organization implementation, of how the idea came about and the experiences made thus far.

Lukas Dieterle will be reporting on how the CADENAS digital product catalog was implemented as a strategic sales and marketing tool at ERO-Führungen GmbH. This will include helpful Best Practice tips on how an Electronic Product Catalog can be supportive in pre-sales.

Stefan Waldner of CADENAS GmbH will reveal the new functions and extensions the 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity Version 9 offers for designers and the benefits for component manufacturers.

As another major subject area, there will also be interesting presentations about Building Information Modeling (BIM). While Stefan Günter of CADENAS GmbH will be talking about the differences between LOD, LoD and LOI, Konrad Werning of ARGE Neue Medien will show how CADENAS’ technology can support the sanitary, heating and climatic industry.

In this connection, Frank-Udo Kimm of KSB SE & Co. KGaA will be showing a user example to illustrate how the cooperation between CADENAS and ARGE Neue Medien makes it possible to provide multi BIM data models.

Paul Surin of Wienerberger AG will show visitors what really matters when providing product data and geometries for the architecture sector.

The current and complete list of talks, information about the speakers and registering for the event are found at www.industry-forum.biz/presentations

Application-oriented workshops with experts

Besides the groundbreaking developments and approaches shown by the talks and presentations, the workshops at the 20th CADENAS Industry Forum offer structured assistance for using CADENAS software solutions eCATALOGsolutions and PARTsolutions in daily work routine.

Under the motto "Revolutionized classification: Three experts – one solution", the specialists of PTC, D&TS as well as CADENAS offer insight into the fully-automatic classification of parts master data.

In the area of eCATALOGsolutions, the participants have the chance to find out how to extend their existing data with numerous marketing possibilities and value-added information.

The international convention Industry Forum will be accompanied by a two-day exhibition and an evening event on 20 March 2019.

CADENAS offers an early bird price of 299 EUR instead of the regular 399 EUR for registrations up to 8 February 2019 (price per person, plus VAT.): www.industry-forum.biz/registration

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