AW-Lake launches online flowmeter selection tool

AW-Lake Company now provides the capability to model then order flowmeters online as one of the new features of its redesigned corporate website.

An expanded multi-brand portfolio of flow measurement products; application capabilities in the oil/gas, processing, hydraulic and other industries; mobile compatibility; support chat and multi-language translations are among the other new features of the AW-Lake website.

To help customers quickly order the right flowmeter, the AW-Lake website provides an online part configurator tool that supports the selection of process parameters in configuring a 3D model and building a part number for ordering flow technology through the website.

After a specific product such as a basic variable area flow meter is selected for purchase, the robust configurator tool built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, LLC. takes the customer through a selection of options including port line size/range, material pressure rating, fluid media, port type and flow range.

Based on specifications, a 3D model is generated along with a custom part number for electronic ordering of flowmeters. Engineers can also download CAD drawings of generated 3D models for future reference or review prior to ordering.

As certain types of flowmeters cannot be purchased online, AW-Lake offers customer support from their staff of experienced flow technology experts that can properly examine all process and fluid parameters and customer needs to recommend the best flow technology for an application. Online chat and customer support options are available.

“Our new online part configurator tool streamlines the ordering process for our customers while enabling our application engineers to spend more time on product customisations and complex project requirements,” explains Mark Iverson, General Manager of AW-Lake. “Through interactions with our customers, we found many knew their exact product specifications and just wanted to order flow meters without the hassles of calling on the phone. Products, such as our variable area flowmeters, are not as complex as others and now can be easily configured and ordered online through our website.”

Geri dön