BIM for HVAC: New BIM download portal of ARGE Neue Medien powered by CADENAS

Cooperation of ARGE Neue Medien & CADENAS supports component manufacturers in the fields of sanitary, heating, air conditioning & building services in providing BIM-compatible data

The construction of a building always involves a large number of participants, such as architects, planners, craftsmen and service providers, who all need different information at the right time, in the correct format and with the appropriate level of geometry (LOG) for their work. In order to optimize the exchange of information using Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the field of sanitary, heating, air conditioning and building services engineering, the association ARGE Neue Medien is publishing its new ARGE BIM-portal in close cooperation with CADENAS. There architects, building specialists and HVAC planners can configure product data from 16 component manufacturers of the ARGE industry members in real time, then download it free of charge in over 40 export formats and integrate it directly into their planning.

BIM-portal of ARGE as central platform for BIM product information

The new BIM download portal, which is based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology powered by CADENAS, effectively supports the consortium in its goal to prepare the building services industry for the BIM requirements in an optimal way. The consortium advises its 120 industry members on the creation of BIM-compatible data. As a neutral body, the ARGE takes over the continuous development of a BIM network and coordinates coordination with manufacturers, trade and craftsmen.

This is also where the close partnership with the German software manufacturer comes in: "Together with CADENAS, we are working on the improved import option of further VDI 3805 sheets for configuration, the creation of ETIM Modeling Class (MC) compliant 3D objects and the export of the BIM-capable CAD formats required by the market," says ARGE Neue Medien.

BIM-Portal provides component manufacturers access to architects & building planners

With its comprehensive BIM network, ARGE offers manufacturers easy access to architects, planners and HVAC specialists with its BIM-portal and thus to the buyers of their architectural components. Manufacturers of building components can create and maintain their digital product data in a central database and offer optimal multi CAD product data in 2D and 3D. The ARGE BIM-portal automatically generates all data on-the-fly in the desired combination of information, such as CAD format, language, LOG, and transfers them to the users when downloading. In this way, manufacturers of building products gain access to the respective customers, such as architects, planners and civil engineers.

These advantages are also confirmed by KERMI GmbH, which already provides CAD data of its radiators, heating systems and sanitary products on the ARGE BIM-portal: "We have had very good experience with CADENAS as a service provider for the preparation of BIM-compatible data. The large number of import formats, e.g. VDI 3805, CSV, STEP, Revit, enable us to process data economically. Thanks to the numerous export formats from the ARGE BIM-portal, we can achieve a maximum number of HVAC systems from our market partners," says Peter Leipold, Head of Product Data Management & HVAC Applications at KERMI GmbH.

"We recommend that our members use the BIM-portal as a central platform for the provision and distribution of BIM-capable data to HVAC planners and architects," says ARGE Neue Medien.

CADENAS is also convinced of the great benefits of the partnership with the ARGE and the new BIM-portal: "With the ARGE association, we have a top partner with whom we will advance the digital product transformation of manufacturers and the topic of BIM in the HVAC industry professionally and very well," confirms Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS GmbH.

Geri dön