Brennan industries downloads increase 100 percent with 3D catalog by CADENAS

Brennan’s website saw downloads and customer engagement double overnight with implementation of new digital tools on their website.

Brennan Industries has launched an all new 3D CAD catalog powered by CADENAS. The new platform supplies precise 3D CAD data, enabling engineers to download digital product models in their preferred native format, including interactive 3D PDF data sheets. By upgrading to eCATALOGsolutions, Brennan Industries is providing more accurate data in a wider variety of formats, improving the product selection for engineers throughout the design process.

Brennan Industries is a Cleveland, Ohio based manufacturer of standard and special hydraulic fittings for a wide variety of applications, their products can be found on anything from “rockets to coffee pots,” and everything in between.

A move towards the future

The user-friendly design tool was launched by Brennan as a key component of their new responsive website. The goal for the new website was to simplify the path to digital product information, and to better meet the on-demand needs of their clients.

In the past, the process to get a CAD model could be time consuming. Customers would contact an engineer, who would generate the part and send it to the customer manually. Brennan recognized the problem and was an early provider of online CAD models, they have been evolving their solution ever since. Now, Brennan Industries is on the cutting edge of 3D CAD catalog technology.

Brennan 3D CAD model

Brennan Industries clients can now download high-quality, native 3D engineering data for their specific CAD application or a PDF sell sheet with an interactive 3D model preview. These PDFs enable the user to explore the part and save it for future use, or to quickly share with colleagues who may not have CAD access. Brennan has seen significantly increased downloads from the new Electronic Product Catalog, and is attributing the surge to the expanded selection of available formats.

“We saw our downloads double overnight when we switched to the CADENAS 3D CAD catalog,” says John Joyce, Director of Marketing at Brennan Industries. “The wider variety of formats and configurable options are key to the increase. With more options, we’re able to meet the exact needs of a larger audience.”

The eCATALOGsolutions technology is a cornerstone of the Brennan Industries sales and marketing plan. “Each download is a foot in the door for us,” adds Joyce. “The catalog provides us with more ways to connect with the customer throughout the design process. Our logo is embedded onto the model and the product metadata is preserved within the native CAD model and the bill of materials. That data leads the customer back to us when the project moves from the design stage and into the procurement phase.”

Customers love the change

Brennan immediately received positive feedback from their user base who love the increased accuracy and fidelity of the 3D engineering data. “For an engineer, accuracy is the key to everything,” says Tim Thomas, CEO of CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC, a member of CADENAS group. “They need to trust that the data they download from a manufacturer matches the product exactly. We help all our customers ensure accuracy, using a multi-step quality and assurance (QA) process. We don’t publish anything until it is certified accurate by the manufacturer.”

Geri dön