DME Company expands 3D interactive mold base configurator built by CADENAS

With on-demand 3D CAD model configuration, DME Company continues to create mold designs for the perfect plastic part anywhere worldwide

DME Company, a Michigan based mold technology provider, expanded its 3D injection mold online configurator catalog with new mold bases and components. This interactive tool, built by CADENAS, enables engineers and designers to instantly find, configure, and download the product they need.

Best known for custom-tailored solutions to meet manufacturer’s needs, DME Company offers a complete customer solution from their expansive product library to configurable 3D CAD files, with product consulting and analysis, to final delivery for an exceptional customer service experience. “Everywhere you see something made from plastic, you see the result of DME products,” says Adam Schneeberger, E-Commerce Manager Europe at DME Company.

DME Company knows the most effective way to reach mold makers, designers, and engineers is by providing high-quality data online and on-demand. Schneeberger adds, “DME configurator enables mold makers to design and build the product they need online, and test in their 3D CAD tool. When they’re happy with their design, they send the bill of materials to DME to deliver. 3D CAD files allow DME to be part of the entire manufacturing process. It all starts with mold design.”

A large variety of mold making products available online

DME Company has an expansive mold base product catalog with over 30,000 components, offering designers and engineers a variety of mold making products and accessories available. 


Geri dön