3D supplier parts: each engineer wastes 59 working days per year searching for and recreating supplier parts

Engineers waste nearly 2 hours per day searching for and recreating supplier parts

Imagine if someone told you, “Your engineers are going to each take a 59 day paid vacation…to start every year!” You, your management team and your bottom line would probably have a major issue with that, but that is exactly what we’ve found.

Engineers are wasting so much engineering time searching for and redesigning supplier parts that they may as well just report for work at the end of March instead of January 1. So many engineers are redrawing and searching for supplier parts that the time lost is snowballing, and is reflected directly on the engineering department and the bottom line.

We asked engineers at 500 Companies:

Average time for searching standard or supplier parts

But wait…There’s more!

Average time for recreating standard or supplier parts

Combined, Engineers spend nearly 2 hours per day searching for or recreating standard and supplier parts. That adds up to wasting 59 working days per year. That’s 59 days for every engineer on your staff, every year!

Engineering time wasted every day

The significance: Engineers are hired to design and create new intellectual property. They are tasked with creating new parts, configurations and assemblies, known as “Value Added Design.” So why would they redraw the parts manufactured by their suppliers? Isn’t that the opposite of streamlined design and engineering efficiency?

Many designs incorporate parts sourced from other manufacturers; this is a good thing, it helps to accelerate speed to market and create economies of scale. This way each manufacturer can focus on their core competency instead of manufacturing every nut and bolt in an assembly.

If the component is being sourced from another manufacturer, why isn’t the CAD drawing of that part being sourced also? There is no reason for engineers to redraw parts which other manufacturer’s make, it’s an utter waste of time. Unfortunately, for many reasons, engineer’s still redraw parts and it’s a problem for parts manufacturers as well as the parts consumers.

Many times engineers redraw these components because the manufacturer does not provide the files in their CAD format or in their exact configuration. It’s easier for the engineer to redraw the part, waste a little time and keep the design moving, as opposed to waiting on the phone for someone else to send them a CAD file. But what if they had instant access to billions of supplier parts on their desktop, ready to configure and use in their exact CAD format? This is known as Strategic Parts Management and it places the power back in the hands of engineers, reducing wasted design time and saving millions of dollars in the process.

Download the full “Engineering Efficiency Report” and see exactly what engineers said about the parts they source, how they spend their design time and how they can improve.

With a renewed engineering management perspective, as well as the proper tools, maverick engineering activity can become a thing of the past. Leading manufacturers implementing Strategic Parts Management software have the ability to quickly find and configure all of their sourced components in a simple interface. It’s an easy way to gain back 59 days for every engineer in your staff.

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