New partnership of VidiPlus & CADENAS brings interactive 3D CAD models to life in video conferences manufacturer components simplify and enliven virtual engineering meetings

For more than a year now, online meetings have become the norm. According to a US study, the number of virtual meetings in 2020 increased by almost 13 percent per person compared to the previous year (source: NBER). This also applies to the engineering sector, where details for designs and planning are increasingly being coordinated on screen. In order to keep the respective components and parts always in view, VidiPlus Ltd. and CADENAS GmbH have developed a joint solution: From now on, the interactive 3D CAD & BIM models from CADENAS' technical search engine can be directly integrated into video conference of most common meeting platforms (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Click Meeting). Thanks to the new integration, components from can be easily inserted into VidiPlus via drag & drop. The CAD models can be sliced, rotated, zoomed in and out or can be made transparent for optimal presentation.

"The new integration optimizes video meetings by presenting detailed models of the components, even simultaneously, without losing sight of the audience," says Dror Benjamin, Founder & CEO of VidiPlus Ltd. powered by CADENAS is the next dimension visual search engine that searches billions of 3D CAD & BIM models in thousands of manufacturer catalogs available worldwide. With its intelligent search functions and free CAD & BIM data download, is the indispensable platform for architects, planners, engineers and designers. The 3D CAD models powered by CADENAS are also available in many other software solutions and CAD systems. You can find an overview here.


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