No wrong matches due to the clever combination of the intelligent search methods of CADENAS

With PARTsolutions you can obtain suitable search results for components even without the correct name

“We all make mistakes,” said the hedgehog as he climbed down off the brush – as a saying goes. Misunderstandings are a part of life, but for engineers and purchaisers they are time-consuming and often cost nerves. With the intelligent finding methods of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions, misunderstandings in the search for the right component can be reduced to a minimum.

Still playing a guessing game?

The everyday working life of engineers and purchasers can seem as a „guessing game“: They are looking for a component in the colour blue, with which something can be lifted and which has two dillings of 4 mm diameter – But what is the name of the component and how can it be found in the huge, confusing parts database?

This is exactly where the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions of CADENAS comes in: The multitude of intuitive, cascading, intelligent search methods can be combined with each other, such as the Shape Search GEOsearch, the 2D Sketch Search, the Topology Search or the Color Search. Users are thus guided step-by-step through the entire parts database directly to the correct standard, purchased or proprietary part. This speeds up the design process and leads to a shortened time-to-market.

Here is an application example: Within the software solution PARTsolutions a simple 2D sketch of a component is made. The result is a list of matches, which is still too extensive in this form. However, if it is known that the component is longer than 60 mm or rather has several holes of a certain diameter, the list of matches can be further condensed quickly and easily using the CADENAS Topology Search.

As "The Innovation Company", CADENAS has set itself the goal of constantly adapting and further optimizing the various intelligent search methods to the changing needs and requirements of engineers and purchasers. In addition, new helpful functions are constantly being developed to provide users with maximum support in the design and planning process, thus allowing more time for creative product development and planning.

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