PUTZIN simplifies the design of complex lubricating systems thanks to intelligent 3D CAD models of its gear pumps

Extension of the PUTZIN digital product catalog with important metadata such as weights and customs tariff numbers with CADENAS technology

PUTZIN simplifies the design of complex lubricating systems

As early as the beginning of 2015, PUTZIN Maschinenbau GmbH provided customers and prospects with its entire product program of gear pumps and aggregates for free download in over 100 common native formats. This was made possible by the CADENAS Electronic Product Catalog eCATALOGsolutions. The existing PUTZIN digital product catalog now includes additional important engineering information for engineers and purchasers, such as weights and customs tariff numbers of components. The so-called metadata goes beyond the mere geometry of a component and is available at each download of a product, and thus is a fixed component of every 3D CAD model.

Important metadata of PUTZIN products improves customer service

"As a manufacturer of gear pumps, we have succeeded in making it possible for engineers and purchasers to select and configure all of our products online and then import as a 3D CAD model directly into their design in the respective CAD software," says Jens-Hendrik Schmidt, CEO of PUTZIN Maschinenbau GmbH. "We are happy that our product catalog can now provide even more important engineering data. This way we can answer customer questions about our products beforehand and thus improve our customer service."

We attach great importance to precision at PUTZIN

The Bavarian company PUTZIN has been producing high-precision machine parts, from small to large components, in close cooperation with our customers for 50 years. The mixture of precision and solution orientation is the core of every PUTZIN component to this day.

This mixture of precision and solution orientation is still the core of every PUTZIN component.

Easy configuration of components and suitable accessories

The German manufacturer places the same high standards on its digital product data. With the help of the Electronic Product Catalog based on CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions technology, engineers and purchasers can select and configure PUTZIN products themselves. At the same time, the users are offered suitable accessories for the component, e.g. relief valves or impulse transportation controls. "Many customers are not even aware that we also have the suitable accessories in our portfolio," says Jens-Hendrik Schmidt. This way, the Electronic Product Catalog supports the PUTZIN company in making its accessories known and thus making effective cross selling possible.

Even when it's about the delivery of its long-lasting and robust gear pumps and valves, PUTZIN Maschinenbau offers everything the customer needs with its fast and reliable 24-hour delivery service. There are a total of over 500,000 PUTZIN products in use worldwide, convincing with their availability, quality and use around the clock.

PUTZIN Maschinenbau - Maschine

"Thanks to the download of our products as 3D CAD models and the intelligent engineering data provided, our customers are always a step ahead with the development of their complex lubricating systems," confirms Jens-Hendrik Schmidt.

The 3D CAD models of PUTZIN Maschinenbau GmbH are available for download at: http://putzin.partcommunity.com

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