ELETTROTEC, a manufacturer of fluid control equipment for over 45 years, has recently redefined its vision of e-commerce and technological innovation through a strategic partnership with CADENAS.

The Industry Forum 2024 opens its doors in less than three weeks - the run on the last remaining tickets is now beginning for those interested.

Scame Parre S.p.A. celebrates its 60th anniversary with a new logo and a collaboration with Cadenas that facilitates the planning of charging stations for electric vehicles and promotes digital transformation.

The DIAMOND project is working on the digital transformation of industry in Europe and Germany in particular. A survey shows the challenges that still need to be overcome when introducing Digital Twins.

In February 2023, CADENAS opened another location in Belgrade, Serbia. After one year, it is time to take a stock.

CADENAS relies on the swarm intelligence of its users, customers and partners for the webinar planning for 2024

In recent years, unexpected events have constantly presented companies with new challenges. What can we expect in 2024 and how can the economy prepare for it?