Welcome to the seamlessly integrated plugin of BIMcatalogs.net powered by CADENAS

The Plugin is shown in the toolbar of your CAD system.

Here we show you how the overall process works and explain the functions of each plugin in the individual system.

The plugin allows to insert manufacturer certified products in all mentioned systems below.

Screenshot of a German ALLPLAN with activated parts4cad plugin

ALLPLAN only allows to insert objects. Replacing objects can be achieved by using the ALLPLAN function "SmartPart Replace".


Screenshot of ARCHICAD with activated parts4cad plugin
Screenshot of a German AutoCAD with activated parts4cad plugin

In AutoCAD (Architecture and Mechanical) all features will be available in the new added toolbar:

  • Insert
  • Replace
  • Insert repeatedly (take the last used object and place it again)
  • Support
  • Info


Autodesk Revit

in Autodesk Revit all features will be available in the new added toolbar:

Screenshot of Revit with activated parts4cad plugin

All features are described in detail here.

This is how the Plugins works in Revit


in BricsCAD all features will be available in the new added toolbar:

Screenshot of BricsCAD toolbar
Tekla Structures
Screenshot of a German Tekla Structures with activated parts4cad plugin
Screenshot of Vectorworks with activated parts4cad Plugin

Common features / functions of the plugin

Icon Einfügen / Insert The plugin is started with "Insert". After starting, you have full access to all content - seamlessly integerated into your system.
Icon Ersetzen / Replace The plugin can also be started with „Replace“ - it will just follow with the replace procedure, asking for a selected product to be replaced (if nothing is selected).
Icon Support „Support“ connects you with our customer service to ask for assistance. A new window will open that displays all plugin relevant settings. it also enables you to collect and retrieve additional information to narrow down system settings for your request.
Icon Info "Info" shows a summary of our terms of use, as well as third party licenses.

The plugin starts with the list of all manufacturer / allows to find your object knowing the manufacturer.

Icon Tab Volltextsuche The full-text search can be used:

When having identified / found a product - the exact variant can be configured. In the top area all possible options are available, in the bottom area will appear a 3D preview of the variant in real-time. At the very bottom there is the button to transfer the product variant to your target system.

After exporting to your system, the object is pinned to the mouse cursor  for individual placement using the features of your CAD system.

Replacing works similar as inserting. The only difference is that we suggest to have an object in your CAD selected before calling replace - otherwise this will be requested.

The plugin also allows to replace all identical instances of your selected object: 

The plugin then asks if it should open the object - if recognized - that was selected in CAD. [Yes] opens the exact recognized variant. [No] opens the plugin and starts either with the manufacturers list or the last used product.


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