3D CAD models from Helix Linear Technologies go online with interactive product catalog built by CADENAS

Linear motion manufacturer improves customer’s digital experience and reduces design time by enabling customers to access 3D CAD models directly from website

Helix Linear Technologies

Helix Linear Technologies launched an online product catalog of 3D CAD models for their popular configurable products, including lead screw technologies and PRA actuators. Built by CADENAS, the configurator enables customers to instantly find, configure and download a digital 3D CAD model of the Helix product they need.

An american manufacturer of linear motion and power transmission systems, Helix Linear offers products essential to the medical, industrial automation, aerospace and defense industries. Committed to quality and the evolving customer-driven market, the company sought a digital solution to meet the on-demand requests and unique needs of their broad customer base. The new configurator achieves the self-serve features, accuracy and speed their customers need by providing free, instant 3D CAD downloads in over 100 native file formats and versions.

“The standard in our industry is getting CAD models online,” Christopher Nook, Chief Executive Officer at Helix Linear Technologies, said. “By delivering high-end customer service from the second a customer visits our website and by making it simple for them to download a CAD file, we make it easy for our customers to do business with us.”

The new online configurator streamlines Helix Linear’s process for providing CAD models with improved accuracy across the design cycle. It also enables Helix Linear to reduce design time from a couple days to just seconds.

“A lot of our customers come to our website with tight design cycles and very few resources. We knew we weren’t providing information as fast as we wanted to,” Nook said. “We knew if we could make our products self-service from within our website, it would be much easier for customers to get CAD models of our products and to purchase from us.”

Within the interactive catalog, Helix Linear’s customers can also download 3D PDF Datasheets of their configurable product which include an interactive 3D preview of the part, 2D dimension drawings and product specs.

The interactive product catalog of Helix Linear can be found at:

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