Storie di successo

Numerose aziende di diversi settori stanno già approfittando dei vantaggi di avere un Catalogo Elettronico dei loro prodotti.

Referenz progetti

Afag Automation AG

Il 98 % in meno di reclami da parte dei clienti con i dati CAD 3D di CADENAS.

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AHP Merkle GmbH

With eCATALOGsolutions 3D CAD productdata are available around the clock worldwide in 14 languages.

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D-M-E Company

»Having a single point of access that's available worldwide to get all of our CAD geometry is important to us.«

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NSK Corporation

»Within a few months of the system's release, we took an oder from a new customer that paid for our investment. One order. From a customer we wouldn't have known about.«

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PCS Company

»Within months we had our library of 12,000 components online via a link from our website - and the library was in our customers' native CAD formats.«

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PHD, Inc.

»Our long history with providing CAD data as a marketing and customer service tool has taught us that the name of the game is to save our customers design time by reducing time they spend re-modeling our components.«

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Rockwell Automation, Inc.

»The best measure of our success is satisfying our customers' design engineers and hearing from them that we're doing just that.«

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Smalley Steel Ring Company

»We can see a clear relationship between downloads of a part number by a prospect and order placed for that same part number.«

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Configuratore di prodotto BIM CAD 2D & 3D per sistemi antincendio ed evacuazione fumi.

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Univer GmbH

Attività di marketing innovativa e aumento della notorietà grazie a eCATALOGsolutions.

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CADENAS Industry-Forum

Altre storie di successo dei nostri clienti sono disponibili nelle presentazioni Best Practice dell’annuale Industry-Forum della CADENAS.

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