A fresh breeze in the CADENAS sales team: Effective support of component manufacturers in Austria & France to boost digitization strategy

Roman Bruckner & Gabriel Laffay are looking forward to an intensive cooperation with manufacturers from various fields of engineering

The international software manufacturer CADENAS continues to expand its global sales team. With two new Key Account Managers, Gabriel Laffay in France and Roman Bruckner in Austria, eCATALOGsolutions customers will be served even better directly on site. Both advise component manufacturers on the effective provision of high-quality CAD & BIM product data of technical components as digital twins, thus taking a decisive step towards digitalization.

France: Constant innovations revolutionize digital business relationships

Gabriel Laffay, Key Account Manager at the CADENAS site in Lyon, is the contact person for customers and interested parties in France. Previously, he successfully expanded the French sales network of an American company. For him, "trust" stands out as the decisive element in business relationships: "Building trust is not easy and takes time, but it always pays off for both sides in the end," Gabriel Laffay is convinced. "CADENAS has great software solutions and I am keen to use my previous experience to further expand the business relationships in France and once again increase the trust in our solutions."

Gabriel Laffay is particularly enthusiastic about the great variety of companies that benefit from CADENAS' Electronic Product Catalogs: "Through the different interlocutors and technologies we learn more about the differences in the market and can improve our responses to the various needs in terms of digitalization. CADENAS is always looking for innovations and it's a great experience to actively participate in this development."

Laffay is also interested in the latest technologies in his spare time: "For years, I have been following exciting developments in science as well as the discovery of space. I also believe in biomimetics. Its principle is that we share our knowledge in order to create more know-how. Figuratively speaking, CADENAS also acts on this premise, as manufacturers provide important knowledge for end users with their digital product information."

Austria: Digital processes effectively save time and costs

Roman Bruckner supports the international CADENAS sales team in Austria. As Key Account Manager he supports Austrian component manufacturers in making their technical components fit for the digital age with the help of Electronic Product Catalogs. Previously, he was already active in sales and consulting for software solutions in the areas of 3D CAD, CAM, MDE machine data collection, BDE store floor data collection, as well as ERP-, CRM- and eCommerce solutions.

"With my diverse experience, I support companies in digitizing their processes while streamlining external and internal workflows. This helps to effectively save time and resources," says Roman Bruckner. He is particularly excited to get to know a wide variety of small and large companies, each with their specific products and individual needs, which can all benefit in their own way from the innovative CADENAS software solutions.

Technical topics also inspire Roman Bruckner in his free time: "I often visit technical museums with my children and show them the possibilities of devices and machines using practical examples." In this way, he makes his own contribution to fostering enthusiasm for technology among the next generation.



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