Be Like Bob: Save Time With Sheffer’s Custom Cylinder Configurator

Sheffer's Custom Cylinder Configurator Ensures You Get the Right Part the First Time

Be like Bob: Product configurator by CADENAS

Bob’s got a problem. He has a big project he’s working on and needs to spec a bunch of component parts, including cylinders for his design. He knows “off the shelf” won’t work for his application, but he’s having a tough time finding the right part from paper catalogs. He’s tried placing custom orders over the phone but delivery time was slow and he didn’t get the part he needed.

Enter Sheffer Cylinder. With their new Custom Cylinder Configurator they enable their users to design the exact cylinder they need and download a model in the native CAD format they prefer, even a 3D PDF to share with purchasing. Bob gets the right parts, the first time and his order is delivered in no-time.

Sheffer Corp Cylinder Configurator

Find out how easy it is to add the power of a custom configurator to your website, and learn about other manufacturer’s who are are seeing big results from their online configurators at

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