CAD Models Engineering App powered by CADENAS reaches over 1 Million installations

Mobile CAD service and other innovative solutions support manufacturers in marketing their products

One reason to celebrate: The 3D CAD Models Engineering App from CADENAS is highly popular with engineers and purchasers. It has already been downloaded respectively installed over 1 million times via the App Stores from Google, Apple and Microsoft. Since 2012, the app has functioned as a download service and research tool for intelligent 3D engineering data from over 500 well-known component manufacturers. The great success of the mobile solution was celebrated with a delicious cake at CADENAS. ?

Positive customer feedback speaks for itself

“Thanks, this app helped me for finding all the nozzles DWG which I couldn’t find before.”

“Having the ability to search for 3D components in a familiar CAD style software is remarkable in a mobile app. Also having the option to catalog full diagrams makes searching for each needed tool or mechanism so handy.”

“Great tool for part comparison and quick access. Very handy. Just keep adding catalogs.”

“Smooth and easy to use, excellent rotation of models.”

Try out 3D CAD Models App right now and download it for free:

Electronic Product Catalog offers various marketing possibilities for component manufacturers

In addition to the mobile app service, CADENAS offers component manufacturers many other innovative marketing options for digital product data. With an Electronic Product Catalog based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology, manufacturers can make their engineering data available free of charge. The software solution also offers various additional features, such as the Interactive Product Configurator, 3D PDF data sheets and product presentations using modern technologies such as AR and VR as well as holography. In addition, the product data can also be marketed on the visual search engine of the next dimension.

Boost your sales with

As a component manufacturer, use your digital engineering data to become part of the new visual search engine of the next dimension: Market your products worldwide by making your 3D planning & engineering data available to engineers and architects for their designs. Currently more than 1,200 catalogs of well-known manufacturers are listed at By 2022, is set to become the most comprehensive search engine for the technical sector, bringing 25,000 component manufacturers into contact with 50 million architects and engineers worldwide.

Your original data – no effort – no costs

Are you ready to integrate your 3D product data on and market your original data without effort to potentially more than 18 million engineers, architects and purchasers? Simply register your product catalog free of charge at and your website will automatically be searched through for 3D CAD data.

The visual search machine for digital component data is available at:

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