Case Study: Digital product catalogs by CADENAS optimize development process for production lines

Reducing the number of new purchased parts with PARTsolutions

For the design of technical production lines, engineers and designers require a variety of digital product information about standard and purchased parts from diverse component manufacturers. The Strategic Parts Management platform PARTsolutions with its intelligent search functions enables engineers in the industry to easily find required parts and thus obtain comprehensive parts information directly from the suppliers.

Speed up design processes with verified product data provided by component manufacturers

With the implementation of PARTsolutions, companies can improve the development process for production lines by importing 3D CAD engineering data, provided by the manufacturers, directly into their designs. As the Strategic Parts Management supports numerous intelligent search methods, engineers can find and deploy approved parts from hundreds of catalogs instead of searching for or recreating new parts. This allows engineers and developers to obtain the needed components in the desired CAD format much faster. In addition, companies can significantly improve data quality by receiving the verified product data, CAD models and the metadata directly from the manufacturers.

Manufacturer parts find their way into the designs of engineers

With eCATALOGsolutions, a technology for Electronic Product Catalogs also developed by CADENAS, manufacturers have the opportunity to provide customers with an intelligent digital catalog of their products including important metadata such as kinematics, end-of-life, customs tariff numbers, etc. These product catalogs are then made available to engineers and designers via the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions.

Customers like Procter & Gamble are using CADENAS’ Strategic Parts Management platform PARTsolutions for digital component data to deliver better reporting, compliance and faster design execution at lower cost. P&G can now quickly access intelligent product data for millions of standard and purchased parts from more than 700 manufacturer product catalogs.

“The more digital product catalogs and their intelligent product details are available to us within PARTsolutions, the easier, faster and more cost-effective we can engineer and design our production lines,” says Sascha Hartung, Commercial Parts Lead Designer at Procter & Gamble.

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Learn how companies optimize their engineering processes with intelligent product data provided by component manufacturers.

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