Industrial Marketing: How to reach Industrial Engineers, Design Engineers and Process Engineers

Promoting your products to engineers isn't easy, but this challenge is worth the effort

Joe Friday

CADENAS asked our favorite marketing guru, Achinta Mitra, to answer one of the toughest industrial marketing questions: How do you reach engineers? They want what they need, and nothing more, so how do you dazzle them with your marketing prowess?

The short answer? Think of yourself as Joe Friday “Just the facts ma’am. Just the facts”
Cut the fluff and give them what they need, they’ll thank you for it.

Industrial Marketing for Engaging with Engineers

By Achinta Mitra

It’s a myth that engineers hate marketing. What they definitely don’t want is more meaningless marketing fluff. Those two statements are based on my personal experience of working with and marketing to engineers for the past 25+ years. I’m a Mechanical Engineer myself and passionate about marketing. Over the years I’ve met and worked with many engineers who feel the same way and some are very good at creating their own marketing content.

As a manufacturer or an industrial company, your marketing must target and communicate with engineers and technical buyers. So what do you have to do to make that happen?

If I had to summarize the answer in one sentence, it would be, “Industrial marketing must be from one engineer to another.” That is by far the most effective strategy for marketing to engineers.

One of the recommendations for industrial marketers that came from the 2012 survey, Mind of the Engineer released by UBM Electronics was, “Engineers communicate with and trust other engineers. Leverage this collaborative ethos.”

Marketing content that engineers want:

I have found four kinds of marketing content that resonate with engineers. They are:

  • Proof of concept – Case studies, customer videos, certifications and test results from prototypes and pilot projects

  • Time savers – CAD files, online parts catalogs, real-time design tools, configurators and Product Comparison Matrices (PCMs)

  • Educational – Application notes, white papers, blogs, forums, webinars, technical articles, online learning/training centers and how-to videos

  • Mobile Apps – Any engineering app that helps find and specify the right industrial part/component

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