NORCAN simplifies access to the engineering data of its aluminium profile modular systems with a 3D product catalog

Customers of the leading French manufacturer benefit from numerous combination possibilities thanks to CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions


Thanks to its Electronic Product Catalog, the French manufacturer NORCAN provides engineers and purchasers with intelligent engineering data of its products on the 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity by CADENAS. NORCAN is the market leader in France and one of the leading component manufacturers throughout Europe in the field of customized, purely mechanical-connected design solutions on the basis of aluminium profiles.

In order to ensure the optimal use of production means and work tools in production, NORCAN has developed a combinable modular technique out of aluminium profiles, steel tubular structures, conveyor technology and accessories. With its profile modular system, NORCAN offers customized solutions to all sectors of the production industry, logistics and retail, and operators of eCommerce, with unlimited combination possibilities.

The Group produces several thousands of profile modular systems per year and, together with over a hundred committed employees, has an annual turnover of 20 million euros. With its headquarters in Alsace and additional branches in Germany, Spain, Poland and Morocco as well as around ten partners abroad, NORCAN is in the position to act flexibly and quickly.

This way to the NORCAN product catalog on the 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity.

High number of customer requests for the Electronic Product Catalog

Up to now, the NORCAN company website has provided information about its products only as a PDF datasheet. To obtain further product information that was not available on the website, customers contacted NORCAN directly and requested access to the general product data library. However, the customers had to first download the entire library in order to then find the desired information for each product.

NORCAN product areas are now clearly divided into each product category on the 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity. Each product can be viewed in 3D and then downloaded in more than 100 common, native CAD formats.

"It's a difference like day and night between our old solution and the new CADENAS Electronic Product Catalog,",says Nicolas Ott, Marketing Manager at NORCAN. "The next step for us is to integrate the digital product catalog directly into our website."


Download information leads to effective customer leads

Before the introduction of the new NORCAN product catalog, the French manufacturer only knew the total number of users who had downloaded the company's own library. Thanks to the CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions technology, every CAD download provides important information for NORCAN's sales team. The number of downloads for each product is clearly displayed and provides NORCAN with important information, which also simplifies entry into new international markets.


Optimal support through CADENAS

The introduction of a product catalog had been NORCAN's aim for some time, so as to further develop its already existing customer service. To ensure a solid software base for the catalog, the company decided to have its product catalog created by an external provider. The choice was for CADENAS as one of the leading manufacturers of Electronic Product Catalogs, known for its excellent service during as well as after the creation of the catalog.

"In the near future, we wish to help our customers to create their own designs with our products, using our Electronic Product Catalog. CADENAS assists our customers with this process," says Nicolas Ott.

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