The Industry-Forum is one of the most popular events for the mechanical and plant industries

12th CADENAS Industry-Forum 2011

CADENAS Industry-Forum 2011

On the 8th and 9th of February 2011, CADENAS GmbH hosted the 12th Industry-Forum at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Augsburg, Germany for around 250 professional visitors of the mechanical, plant, and electrical engineering industries. Over 20 presenters from well-known companies gave visitors of the international convention lectures covering the topics of cost reduction with strategic parts management, and innovative marketing strategies for component manufacturers with electronic CAD product catalogs. Aside from the numerous user presentations, CADENAS GmbH presented the newest software developments and innovations of both PARTsolutions and eCATALOGsolutions:

  • The strategic parts management system PARTsolutions version 9.02 will complete the search options for 3D CAD models.
  • The "Purchineering" concept will bring a company's purchase and engineering departments of companies closer together. Therefore an international roadshow to showcase this concept is planned.
  • The new partnership with asim will extend the options to create print catalogs.
  • The new PARTcommunity version 2.0 will offer a new user interface and quite a lot of new functions, which will increase the number of prospective users.

Workshops & Networking

Parallel to the technical lectures, hourly workshops gave interested parties the opportunity to gather useful knowledge for their everyday work with CADENAS' PARTsolutions and eCATALOGsolutions. In addition, the Industry-Forum offered numerous opportunities for networking. "I always meet loads of interesting people at the Industry-Forum each year and can easily exchange information about my experiences with the CADENAS software solutions with other participants", says a visitor of the Industry-Forum "The CADENAS convention is really a successful constellation." Additionally, the 12th Industry-Forum in Augsburg was accompanied by an evening event.

More information about the 12th Industry-Forum 2011 and the presentations, videos and pictures can be found at:

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