Product data on 3Dfindit now contain tender texts

Thanks to the cooperation with the online platform AUSSCHREIBEN.DE, tender texts are now also available via 3Dfindit

Architects and planners design buildings digitally as BIM models. To do this, they need the products that are to be installed as digital BIM data: from roof drains to doors to faucets. In addition, planners and architects need the standardized tender texts for the tendering and award process. In this respect, architects and building planners have a significant influence on the decision as to what is ultimately procured and installed. In order to sell their building products, manufacturers should therefore simplify the work of planners. 

Sensible combination of BIM models and tender texts

The cooperation between CADENAS and ORCA Software helps them to do this: Manufacturers who present their products on both 3Dfindit and AUSSCHREIBEN.DE can now connect these portals. This way, the 3D BIM models on 3Dfindit are directly linked to the tender texts. Conversely, AUSSCHREIBEN.DE now also displays 3D previews of the products as well as the option to download them in 2D and 3D formats, which were previously only available to customers on 3Dfindit. Architects can thus find all the relevant planning data bundled on one online platform and can integrate the products directly into their designs.

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