More than 666 million CAD model downloads in 2020: Manufacturer catalogs powered by CADENAS accelerate to top speed

Digitization process accelerates demand for digital product catalogs

More than 800 manufacturer catalogs based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology from CADENAS have really stepped on the gas in 2020: From the beginning of January to the end of December, 666,194,220 CAD & BIM models of well-known component manufacturers were downloaded by engineers, architects and planners worldwide, providing them with a steadily increasing number of valuable sales contacts. "We have seen a sensational increase in CAD download numbers in recent years. The reason for this is also our visual search engine for manufacturer components, which, in contrast to conventional search engines, is focused on the technical area and effectively supports engineers, architects as well as planners in finding the right component," says Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS GmbH.

Growth of CAD downloads continues to accelerate rapidly

The rapidly advancing digitalization and the current global situation are once again acting as an accelerator for the change already underway in terms of information technologies. For example, the demand for digital product data in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or architecture has once again picked up considerably in recent months, as the CADENAS download record shows. Many component manufacturers are already focusing on marketing their products as digital twins. As a result, the innovators among the manufacturers are less affected by the currently cancelled trade shows worldwide, because by providing engineering data and digital twins they automatically generate qualified sales contacts and this even if personal customer contact is not possible. It is not too late for manufacturers who have not yet offered their portfolio in a product catalog. After all, a spirited approach to postponed digitization projects will pay off in the short term.

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