Camozzi expands B2B buying experience with e-commerce platform integrated with CADENAS configurator

Camozzi expands its presence in the world of B2B purchasing

Camozzi is proud to announce the launch of its new product catalog site, which features an integrated e-commerce platform with CADENAS configurators. This innovation represents an important step in the evolution of the B2B sector.

Camozzi's new website was designed with the goal of providing an intuitive and highly customizable platform, enabling customers to experience a truly innovative Digital Customer Experience.

Thanks to e-commerce integration , users can browse Camozzi's extensive product catalog, configure the product they need in just a few clicks, download the CAD model in the format of their choice, and integrate it directly into their designs

Product configuration and purchase, all in one place

The new e-commerce platform integrated with CADENAS configurators enables orders and transactions directly on the website. This synergy simplifies the purchasing process, reducing delivery time and providing a tangible benefit to users.

The website offers intuitive navigation, detailed product presentations, and the ability to customize orders, allowing shoppers to get exactly what they need quickly and accurately.

Here are the benefits of the new website with integrated e-commerce:

  • Smart product search
  • Quick and easy product configuration
  • 2D and 3D models of configured codes
  • Ability to purchase in just a few clicks
  • Available globally
  • Fast and secure online payment
  • Fast shipping and delivery

This saves time and resources and improves the efficiency of procurement processes.

The new website is available at this link.