And the winner is…PARTcommunity, with a growth of 50% in 2015

And it is continuing in January: With more than 15.6 million downloads, the 3D CAD model download portal is already breaking the next record

For years a rising trend at the 3D CAD Models Downloadportal PARTcommunity
Within 2015 - 151.3 million downloads

In 2015, there was a constant and rapid rise of the monthly CAD model downloads. Altogether 151.3 millionen downloads within a year – an impressive performance, about which Jürgen Heimbach, the CEO of CADENAS, has his say:

CEO CADENAS GmbH - Jürgen Heimbach

Mr. Heimbach, one download record after another and the download figures of the year are resounding! How do you explain this success?
We develop excellent and innovative products and we are never resting on our laurels. Of course we are aware of our pioneering role, pick up innovative ideas and forge new paths that our competitors have not yet explored. That is the difference between innovation and imitation. The former is more work, but rewarded accordingly.

Could you give us some examples?
We are always open to new ideas. With the CADENAS WeChat channel we have reached 500 million users in China since last October. WeChat is like a web within the web and, as the only manufacturer, we exclusively offer the download of manufacturer-certified 3D CAD models in this app.

The current edition of the trade journal “absatzwirtschaft“ (1/2 2016) just now broached the issue of new messengers beyond WhatsApp – at CADENAS we realized the potential prior to the crowd. Similar to our mobile app “3D CAD models engineering“, we were able to play a pioneering role so that market competitors didn’t even get a chance to establish themselves.

Can you prove your statement?
Look at the Google Playstore. Here you can see when we published our app, how many times it has been installed and the positive rating. In this case we were also on the market at a very early stage. No other provider of manufacturer-certified 3D CAD models has similar figures in this field.

What is the most important to you and your customers?
We offer excellent service and products to our customers, which are worth their bet. Our motto “the early bird catches the worm“ always works and our customers profit the most from our innovative ideas and products, which make the work of every engineer a lot easier. Moreover, our customers get the competitive edge themselves by using our innovative products and thus obtaining more customer response.

What are your plans for the future?
We would like to top the monthly download figures and will further expand our sales channels. We also let our customers have our know-how, e.g. through new developments like Smart Sales. However, we will not reveal too much for now – whoever wants to learn more, should definitely visit our Industry-Forum this year!

Mr. Heimbach, thank you very much for this interview!

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80 vertical online market places, which are constantly expanded, serve as multipliers for the electronic product catalogs. With a potential of more than 14.4 million engineers worldwide, the 3D CAD models of the electronic product catalogs reach exactly the right target group.

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