CADENAS powers in Solid Edge 2021 to speed design time

CADENAS enables easy and free access to thousands of manufacturer catalogs from directly within the Solid Edge CAD design tool

The latest version of Siemens’ Solid Edge® software includes, a valuable feature for engineers and designers., the engineering search engine for 3D components from CADENAS, provides users with easy access to millions of CAD models from thousands of international manufacturers and a range of intuitive search methods. This new function helps to speed up the product development process and significantly shortens time-to-market.

Collaboration between Siemens Digital Industries Software and CADENAS: A big step towards digitalization

Shorter production times, greater pressure to cut costs and an increased demand for unique, tailored solutions – engineers today are faced with countless challenges. This requires design departments to streamline their product development processes and consistently push ahead with digital transformation. To support the CAD community in their daily work, Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced its latest version of Solid Edge which includes design capability enhancements such as new subdivision modeling and improved reverse engineering performance with new deviation analysis.

Through cooperation between experts in digitalization, Siemens and CADENAS, the Solid Edge community now has access to high-quality CAD manufacturer content directly within Solid Edge 2021. The new feature provides millions of intelligent CAD models with built-in meta data in native Solid Edge formats which can be inserted into CAD designs with just a few clicks. This helps engineers to unleash their full potential and optimize the engineering design process.

“The addition of CADENAS’ service to Solid Edge can help Siemens deliver software tools that optimize the design process and speed product development, which is critical for our customers’ success,” says John F. Miller, senior vice president of Mainstream Engineering at Siemens Digital Industries Software. offers millions of 2D & 3D CAD files verified by component manufacturers. Depending on the catalog, the digital parts are enriched with extensive meta data such as kinematics information to test motion sequences, centers of mass, material, environmental protection standards, order numbers, etc. This saves time by enabling engineers to find and deploy approved parts instead of recreating them manually. ensures that engineers and product developers can concentrate on developing innovative products instead of manually entering and verifying meta data. reduces search efforts and helps to accelerate time-to-market

Engineers are often tied up with the time-consuming search for product information. According to studies they invest around 70 % of their work time with non-value-added activities. Even though search engines are the first source of information today, the results are often too general for engineers and therefore not useful. The reason: Ordinary search engines are not designed to provide technical, engineering results., the search engine for digital component data, was developed to significantly reduce technical search times and to increase efficiency for mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering and construction.

With inside Solid Edge 2021, engineers gain intuitive search methods such as 3D Shape Search, Sketch Search, Color Search or Function Search, making it easier to find the exact part they are looking for. The search functions are tailor made to suit the needs of CAD users to find parts faster and reduce design time.

Solid Edge 2021 Virtual Launch

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