Concentrated engineering knowledge: Engineers benefit from the Engiclopedia as a comprehensive lexicon on PARTcommunity

Background information, applications, 3D engineering data as well as videos

Engiclopedia on PARTcommunity

Knowledge is everything! With the Engiclopedia there is a comprehensive knowledge database available to engineers at the 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity, filled with information about engineering, designing and technology.

At CADENAS supports engineers optimally in their daily work by providing in-depth knowledge on the same platform where they can also search for the right components for their design. This makes it easy and simple to research the technical terms and topics needed comfortably. The expression Engiclopedia is a combination of the words "engineering" and "encyclopedia".

The Engiclopedia is available in various languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, etc.

Multilingual Engiclopedia on PARTcommunity

Additional information for added value

The engineering topics are clearly divided into areas such as 3D printing, mechanical engineering or electronics within the Engiclopedia. The individual terms and keywords are enriched with general information from Wikipedia, 3D CAD models of manufacturer components, applications in the form of uploaded 3D CAD engineering data from users of the Sharing Community, manufacturer’s PDF catalogs, as well as YouTube videos. This allows them to be displayed in the respective topic in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Example: Keyword “swivel castor”

Caster example of Engiclopedia on PARTcommunity

PARTcommunity has so much to offer

The 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity is one of the tools used by millions of engineers in their daily work life, this can be seen through the yearly download records: in 2016 altogether 212 million downloads of 3D engineering data were made. Engineers and purchasers can download 3D CAD data in over 100 native formats, for example Autodesk, Revit, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, NX, etc. and import them directly into their CAD system around the world, anytime in the day. The content of 460 manufacturer certified product catalogs from renowned companies such as WAGO, Würth and Festo are available for them to use, free of charge.

The 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity does not just offer numerous CAD product catalogs. Users also have access to many groups on the download portal to have personal exchanges on current topics. There are also multiple challenges allowing users to show what they can do and compare themselves to the other members of the community. News about the most current products, updates and discussions on the community is also constantly provided and updated every day on