Digital Twins with new features

CADENAS enriches the 3D models on its own platforms with Product Manufacturing Information to prepare digital product data for the future

In the past, CAD-based design has already evolved from 2D to 3D. Now the next revolution is imminent: the intelligent Digital Twin with additional information, the so-called Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) for automation. 

What is PMI?

This concerns non-geometric data that depicts the manufacturing process and the properties of a product. This includes technical drawings including dimensions, tolerances et cetera, bills of material, material data, quality standards and other information on the entire life cycle of a component. 

How do customers benefit from PMI?

Digital Twins are based on part geometries and contain all relevant information. PMI add another useful level to this data set. When manufacturers provide PMI to their customers, all data is clearly available to them. 

Customers can thus select the part more precisely according to their application, integrate it more easily into their designs, use it more sustainably and maintain it with more foresight. This is because PMI not only provide planners with detailed information about the technical specifications of a component. PMI also refer to the origin and quality of a product. In this way, PMI simplify and accelerate the design process and subsequent operation thanks to additional data. 

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