Güvenal relies on CADENAS technology to reach aim of 20% increase product sales by 2019

Die and mould components from the Turkish manufacturer are now available in all the current CAD formats engineers, technicians and purchasers need

Güvenal Die & Mould Components

From 1976 to present, Güvenal Die & Mould Components, a member of Güvenal Group Companies, has continued to grow and develop its customer orientated global services. The next step in this process was to offer their customers product information in all current 3D CAD formats with the help of an Electronic Product Catalog based on eCATALOGsolutions from CADENAS. “The benefits of this solution from CADENAS is to enable design and engineer teams to reach Güvenal products faster and easier,” explains Tayfun Tarakcioglu, Manager of International Trade Department at Güvenal.

Güvenals die and mould components are also on PARTcommunity

Not only are Güvenal’s die and mould components available in over 100 native CAD formats, but also on the record breaking PARTcommunity portal that saw 260 million downloads in 2017.

“We believe that CADENAS is more accessible and advanced than other platforms and Güvenal products will reach a wider user base,” says Tayfun Tarakcioglu. The Turkish manufacturer aims to increase their product count by 20% by 2019, a valiant effort that CADENAS aims to help with by making all Güvenal products available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a potential of 16 million engineers, technicians and purchasers worldwide.

First Güvenal store in Istanbul

Since its first store opened in Istanbul the company has adopted a service culture focusing on customer satisfaction. By making all products available in the most used CAD formats, Güvenal allows for its customers to access all necessary data without leaving the website to offer the upmost convinience. Even order codes and requests for information can be found beside the product information online.

Güvenal - PARTcommunity Portal

To check out the die and mould components for yourself. Then simply visit: https://guvenal.partcommunity.com

To learn more about how to market your products to engineers, purchasers and technicians then visit the CADENAS website here www.cadenas.de/en/products/ecatalogsolutions/electronic-cad-catalog or contact marketing@cadenas.de for a free consultation