New Highscore! Over 72 million CAD downloads (=sales leads) in September 2020

Product catalogs of component manufacturers powered by CADENAS reach new records

Strong performance! In September 2020, engineers, architects, planners and designers worldwide downloaded 72,479,911 CAD engineering & BIM models from the numerous manufacturers' catalogs based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology.

The number of 3D CAD downloads has increased by 89% within one year. This also inspires the component manufacturers represented on the CADENAS portals, because every 3D CAD download of a product represents a valuable sales leads. The number of 3D CAD downloads is also continuously increasing thanks to, the innovative visual search engine for 3D manufacturer components developed by CADENAS.

New records non-stop

  • Steady growth in 2020: Already 5 times the all-time best value of CAD downloads could be outperformed this year.

  • Significant increase of downloads within 12 months: The number of 3D CAD downloads has increased by 89% within one year, also thanks to (Period: September 2019 - September 2020).

  • Large number of catalogs: More than 2500 manufacturers are already represented on and are constantly growing.

In the past years, CADENAS in cooperation with component manufacturers has already achieved a lot in the distribution of 3D CAD models of products. "We have set ourselves the goal of being able to provide up to 25,000 product catalogs for 10 different markets to over 50 million users on by the end of 2022," says Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of CADENAS GmbH.

3Dfindit offers worldwide marketing potential for component manufacturers

The innovative search engine 3Dfindit from CADENAS was launched in June 2019. Conventional search engines focus specifically on delivering search results that are as suitable for everyday use as possible. However, these results are often unsuitable or not relevant for the engineering and architectural sector. Using 3Dfindit, engineers and architects can quickly and easily find the required components and insert them into their CAD & BIM designs. In this way, manufacturers and their components are directly integrated into the respective parts lists (BOM). The purchasing department then procures these. Studies show that in 87% of cases, downloading engineering data later leads to a real purchase of the product.

You are a component manufacturer and want to integrate your product catalog into 3Dfindit? Then simply register for free at 3Dfindit and your website will be automatically searched for 3D CAD data.

You also want to generate more sales contacts and score points with increased marketing power? We would be happy to advise you!

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