Seamless integration of 3D CAD download portal into Zipatec’s web site

CADENAS' PARTcommunity embedded technology increases 3D CAD download numbers by an average of 30 %

Zipatec GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist for manufacturing automation solutions and has been relying on CADENAS' PARTcommunity embedded technology since 2014. With this ingenious solution in the field of electronic product catalogs, the complete 3D CAD download portal, based on CADENAS' eCATALOGsolutions technology, was integrated seamlessly into Zi-patec’s website in the course of improving Zipatec’s web presence. Thus customers have di-rect access to all 3D CAD models of Zipatec’s product catalog. This way engineers can pre-cisely determine components everywhere and at any time without further efforts, configure products, generate interactive 3D views. Afterwards users can import the desired 3D CAD model in all current formats into their CAD system directly and for free.

Direct downloads free from linking

Zipatec Embedded Portal

The benefits of PARTcommunity embedded technology are obvious: The design offers genu-ine added value to visitors of the website. 3D CAD data can be directly downloaded without additional linking. The complete web presence gets more interesting to visitors and dwell times on the websites are increasing significantly.

Maintaining the website is very simple and the contents are freely expandable. Thus the web presence of the company is always up-to-date and vibrant. This invites customers and pro-spective clients to stop by on a regular basis, which has a positive effect on the website’s ranking.

Design your web presence individually with PARTcommunity embedded technology

When redesigning the website the product area was completely revised and attuned to the company’s target group. Due to PARTcommunity embedded technology the complete product catalog appears under the cate-gory “Products“ in a consistent, stylish design – without time-consuming programing. This way Zipatec was able to determine the arrangement of single elements, e.g. 3D preview of compo-nents, according to their needs and desires. The new web presence has a user guidance which is clearer and attuned more precisely to the target group.

On avarage, the integrated solution of CADENAS’ 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity increased the amount of potential downloads from the manufacturer’s product catalog by 30 per cent. The customer does not have to navigate to an external site to call up CAD data, but finds all product information clearly arranged on the manufacturer’s website. This convenience has a significant impact on sales. According to a survey among engineers, a 3D CAD model, integrated into a design, will usually be purchased.

Professional redesign of Zipatec’s website by CANVAS

The media agency CANVAS, a wholly owned subsidiary of CADENAS, redesigned Zipatec’s website. The original system was set up completely on the basis of the content management system Contao, which allows to maintain and create contents significantly easier. In the course of implementing PARTcommunity embedded technology, it seemed appropriate to change to Contao, which was offered as additional service. However, the integration of PARTcommunity technology is of course possible without making changes to the existing system.

Your product catalog as an integrated solution by CADENAS

Simplified access through PARTcommunity embedded solution, which results in improved download figures, is available to any component manufacturer who has an eCATALOGsolu-tions technology catalog. More details and how to redesign company websites, can be found in the new guide for web design & web development by CANVAS or via