Festo Design Tool 3D Online: Configure assembled products in a matter of seconds

CADENAS develops new web application for the error-free configuration and order of Festo pneumatic systems

Festo Design Tool 3D Online

Festo AG & Co. KG publishes the new online version of their configuration software Festo Design Tool 3D, which was developed in cooperation with the German software manufacturer CADENAS. As of now, Festo customers can also use the Festo Design Tool 3D online at www.festo.com/FDT-3D-online, without installation or plug-in and independent of their browser. In addition, the new web version is now also integrated in the Festo product catalog under the category "Ready-to-install solutions". With one click, users can directly access the selected component in the Festo Design Tool 3D Online. The integration of the web version in the product catalog offers designers, purchasers and fitters even more comfort and enables the fast, safe and efficient design, ordering and assembly of Festo product assemblies.

Simple product selection, as well as transparent prices and delivery times

The Festo Design Tool (FDT) 3D has been available to customers and interested parties as an offline version, since the end of 2014 and requires only a few steps to install. The Festo configuration software minimizes the risk of error when designing and ordering assembled products and prepares the way for the design of drives with accessories quickly, reliably and efficiently in all common CAD formats. With the Festo Design Tool 3D, components can be selected in 3D, combinations of these products can be created and automated both quickly and easily, and then their current prices and delivery times can be retrieved. The configured products of Festo are available as native CAD models and contribute to the maintaining of the CAD-, component links (CAD constraints, CAD mates).

Following the configuration, a clear order ID is given for the assembled products and the order will be added directly to the Festo shopping cart. Shorter parts lists and only one order code simplify the delivery and installation of system assemblies while minimizing the potential for error. In addition, product portfolios are available in the Festo Design Tool 3D for the fast delivery of standard components such as cylinders in the series ADN, ADVC, AEVC, DFM, DGSL, DRRD, DRVS, DSBC and DSNU. The Festo configuration software also decreases documentation effort and simplifies tracing. PDF assembly drawings and parts lists can be generated and components traced in the support portal thanks to the respective order codes.

The Festo Design Tool 3D is available:

Online: www.festo.com/FDT-3D-online

Offline version available to download: www.festo.com/FDT-3D