63 %
of designers say that they do not receive ready-to-use content from food equipment manufacturers

source: FCSI Study 2018

The food equipment industry has become more and more complex. Therefore, suppliers are faced with new challenges to provide customers with relevant, individualized product data for their designs with low effort.

CADENAS enriches your digital product data with all necessary information and makes them easily accessible from your website. This allows customers to configure equipment to their individual needs and download always up-to-date 3D & 2D CAD data.

Customized Product Data

For every Market, for every User

Different markets mean different requirements e.g. languages,specifications, units of measurement, etc.

CADENAS helps you to provide correct product data for every market and every user, directly from your website

Languages and Technical Specifications

Multi CAD Data

For every CAD System & Version

Providing native CAD models for any CAD system and any version is almost impossible for manufacturers themselves.

With CADENAS, your components are available as native 3D CAD data in more than 100 different CAD formats such as Revit, Allplan, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, etc. Furthermore, your product data is made available directly in the CAD system of your customers through our deep integration e.g. with Revit and ArchiCAD.

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PDF Specification Sheet

PDF Specification Sheet

Information "on-the-fly"

Providing customers individualized specification sheets for highly configurable products is always time-consuming for suppliers.

With CADENAS, your customers can configure products online and then generate individual 3D PDF specification sheets by themselves „on-the-fly“. Detailed 2D dimension drawings with important information can also be included in the PDF data sheet.

Product Data Distribution

Independent from Plugins & Systems

Designers in foodservice market often rely on specialized plug-ins such as Specifi, Iquote, KCAD, KCL, AutoDecco or Windelta. This makes it challenging for suppliers to ensure the listing of their products in every single solution.

Through CADENAS Multi CAD technology, the distribution of digital product data is no longer chained to specific plug-ins. You are able to distribute your catalog with always up-to-date CAD data to everybody directly from your website.

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