Customer Feedback

Let yourself be convinced by the positive feedback of our customers about the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions!

Our principle is to revolutionize the market as masterminds. You have a rough idea in your head, sketch it, and quickly find an existing part. This notion is not a futuristic vision but has become reality thanks to CADENAS.
Frank Epple
PARTsolutions links each component to a color code that enables designers to select the parts we have defined as standard, both in terms of design and in terms of procurement.
Jérôme Mercier
Project Manager
First of all, PARTsolutions offers us the opportunity to find all single parts including complex geometries in all locations and from all systems. Thanks to the scalable architecture, PARTsolutions can be globally implemented at more and more workstations at MAN without a problem.
Philip Kraus
Technical Project Management
MAN Truck & Bus AG
Today, developers are constantly asking for CADENAS concerning their models. We have been using CADENAS for years and now it has become a reflex for our designers to use it. For me it is the main sign of the success.
Sébastien Bernard,
CAD/PDM, Processes,
Methods & Tools
The addition of CADENAS’ service to Solid Edge can help Siemens deliver software tools that optimize the design process and speed product development, which is critical for our customers’ success.
John F. Miller
senior vice president of Mainstream Engineering
Siemens Digital Industries Software
Since now all necessary information is available at a glance in only one system – for all users – the effort for information procurement was reduced by 40% due to the Strategic Parts Management.
Bernd Postaremczak
Coordinator Parts Management
SMS group GmbH
We are one of the first customers to use the CADENAS web service for the quick distribution of data to distant company locations. We are excited how well everything works.
Bernd Postaremczak
Head of Parts Management
SMS group GmbH
The consequent use of the parts management system PARTsolutions already enforces the reduction of part selection in the early stage of development.
Frank Jürgens
Manager Standardization Department ESS
MAN Truck & Bus AG
Engineering is enthralled by the new search methods that PARTsolutions offers. Especially the combination of classification and pure geometric similarity is a big hit. The fast and complete 3D preview has become indispensible.
Lutz Ginsberg
Director of Development City Bus
MAN Truck & Bus AG
We almost exclusively use parts and components whose 3D CAD models we are able to find in the parts management system PARTsolutions. This is the selection and integration criteria for us, as long as we don’t have required specifications from our customers.
Thomas Nett,
Manager of Engineering/Labs at conntronic GmbH
Compared to conventional approaches, with PARTsolutions the entire process has been reduced to one-fifth of the time, which greatly reduces the workload of designers.
Mr. Nagata
Assistant Manager
Toyo Seikan
The wide variety of manufacturer catalogs in PARTsolutions convinced us. All major standard parts suppliers important for us are represented with their products, which we frequently use.
Dirk Webert
Head of Technology and Development
Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH
We can now include our part numbering information directly in the CAD model. It’s particularly important to our customers because it improves order accuracy. Any system based on IGES or STEP simply can’t do that completely.
Our developers can call up all the important functions of PARTsolutions directly in SOLIDWORKS during their design process without changing systems. Integration into our company's own CAD system gives us a closed loop.
Carsten Glogger
CAD/PDM Administration
Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH
PARTsolutions generates intelligent parts for the respective CAD system in use, which allows the best possible processing and excludes loss of data.
Fachschule für Technik
The search functions offered by CADENAS’ software solutions are used in the technical, production and purchasing departments for 3D geometrical searching during the engineering phase and the geometrical comparison between similar parts or different releases of the same part number.
Valter Venturelli
Chief Information Officer at
We see the project that implemented PARTsolutions as a great success. We have gained many new functionalities that have fundamentally simplified and improved a number of processes at MAN Truck & Bus.
Stefan Bernhardt
Chief Department Manager IT Engineering
MAN Truck & Bus AG
Until then we were not using a uniform solution for standard parts. In the course of introducing PARTsolutions and 3D Experience,we want to offer users additional added value from the very beginning.
Juerg Huber
Head of Research & Development Applications
Geberit AG
With PARTsolutions we have almost unlimited access to supplier data in 3D. The data acquisition is free of charge, of high quality and we can always rely on the topicality of the product data.
Albert Paster
Head of Development/Design
Wilhelm Oberaigner GmbH
PARTsolutions is an inherent part of the global MAN PLM strategy and offers our engineering departments innovative opportunities in order to be able to work globally, efficiently and successfully.
Alexander Reuter
IT Department Head, CAx Applications, Methods & Infrastructure
MAN Truck & Bus AG
An effective parts management means constant data maintenance and PARTsolutions from CADENAS supports us optimally.
Bernd Postaremczak
Head of Parts Management
SMS group GmbH
PARTsolutions, with its all-encompassing standard parts library gave us an extraordinary advantage in speed, since we were able to find the required supplier parts quickly and simply integrate them in the design in the CAD system CATIA.
Thomas Nett,
Manager of Engineering/Labs at conntronic GmbH
3D printing leads to great savings through shorter delivery times and very low entry costs. With PARTsolutions, we may provide users of Freeform Injection Molding with an ideal solution for prototype production and small series production for injection molding.
Lasse G. Staal
We selected PARTsolutions after a thorough review of technology available in the market today,” said Mr. Landers. “We also chose PARTsolutions due to its ability to put our products on the desktops of engineers worldwide.
PARTsolutions shows our engineers a reasonable choice of available parts, that have been predefined by purchasing. This significantly supports the consolidation of our suppliers.
Thorsten Raabe
Design Manager, Mechanical Development
Rohwedder Micro Assembly GmbH (AIM - Assembly in Motion GmbH)
The standardization department can now autonomously manage the 3D standard parts library used in our design department. CADENAS is the tool that was missing to make an official link between the ERP, CAD and PDM systems.
Alexis Rivaud,
Tool, Data and Process Workflow Analyst
With CADENAS PARTsolutions we have a uniform structure in our parts information data for the first time. Due to a clear catalog structure parts can be found easily and part proliferation, that has prevailed so far, can now be limited in a reasonable way.
Eberhard Ilg
Technical Manager
ELWEMA Automotive GmbH (AIM - Assembly in Motion GmbH)
We have six different CAD systems at Voith, but only one parts management system for all areas. The effort for standard and supplier parts management is thus decreased considerably.
Friedrich Spitzer
Voith IT Solutions
The complex analysis and research effort can be reduced by 50 % by using PARTsolutions. Offers are prepared more quickly and risky products are recognized and rated already during the offer preparation, due to a significantly more solid database.
Markus Deuter
Project Manager
Through the implementation of PARTsolutions, all necessary standard and supplier parts are made available to us. Data from SAP systems can be directly embedded into PDM systems. That saves us time and money in construction, improves information technology, and optimizes the effective management of standard party.
Guangming Wang
Project Manager
To AIM a very important benefit of PARTsolutions is the fact, that the engineer can concentrate on his actual designing work again.
Matthias Kienle
Mechanical Engineering
ELWEMA Automotive GmbH (AIM - Assembly in Motion GmbH)
One of the basic selection criteria during our search for the best solution was the necessity to find a tool that could be integrated with both our 3D CAD systems used within the company.
Valter Venturelli
Chief Information Officer at
The software solution PARTsolutions enables us to centrally generate standard parts and especially all variants of standard parts regardless of the CAD software. The components subsequently used in the SOLIDWORKS assemblies are linked with one another. This process enabled us to depict our applications more quickly.
Ralf Müller
CAD/PDM Administration
Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH