The case for manufacturers to prioritize digital transformation

A clear and focused digital strategy is essential for any businesses to stay competitive. Component manufacturers must be clear about who is the decision maker when it comes to selecting or specifying their product. If the process chain is traced back to the beginning, you’ll see that engineers, architects or planners are the driving force behind the selection components within their designs. This is why it is important for manufacturers to tailor digital services to this particular audience.

Learn how these manufacturers already benefit from a digitization strategy with eCATALOGsolutions

Toshiba sales leads increased by 360 % with embedded technology by CADENAS.
KETTEN FUCHS achieved a clear increase in sales with 3D CAD models by CADENAS.
HUGRO increased its number of downloads within a year by 56 % with CADENAS.
With the PARTcommunity solution, the sales of our components increased by 30%.
PARTcommunity supplies us with high quality leads. Approx. 80% of the requests can become customers.
We saw our downloads double overnight when we switched to the CADENAS 3D CAD catalog.
230% increase in CAD downloads and 30 % increase in sales leads in the last 12 months.
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The digital transformation of the engineering process

To add value to the engineering digital transformation process, digital components must have detailed data which goes beyond pure geometry. This data includes kinematics, direction of motion, degrees of freedom, acceleration, deceleration, nozzle, connection information, mass centers and more

What you don't digitize today, will cost you money tomorrow.
Marcel Nagel,
Director Global Digital Customer Engagement & Services,

In the course of the digital transformation of the engineering process, digital components must therefore have comprehensive additional information that goes beyond pure geometry, such as kinematics, direction of motion, degrees of freedom, acceleration, deceleration, nozzle and connection information or mass centers.

Whether your products are involved in the design process, depends on whether your product data is up to the challenge of the modern engineering process.

Trade shows with on-site presence unlikely in 2021 as well

Due to the exceptional situation, thousands of trade fairs and exhibitions worldwide have been postponed or cancelled so far since 2020. In addition, it has also become impossible for sales staff to make a personal appointment with a prospective customer.

The Solution for Sales Contacts

With the digital twin powered by CADENAS you are on the safe side:

666.194.220 downloads (=sales contacts) in 2020 and thus even an increase of more than 63 % compared to 2019! The figures show that in the current exceptional situation 3D CAD & BIM models are in demand as digital twins as never before.

Development of the 3D CAD downloads on and PARTcommunity

5 Impulses
how digital product data increases your sales potential


Your products must be available in CAD without detours

The ultimate goal for component manufacturers is to ensure that their products find their way into designs. If the digital engineering data is available immediately in the specific formats engineers and designers need. With an Electronic Product Catalog, your products are available for use seamlessly within your customers' CAD systems.

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Get your products found with intelligent search tools

Engineers and architects spend 27% of their time searching for information. To reduce the effort searching for components, architects, planners, engineers and designers use's intelligent search functions to find the components they need. Feature your digital product catalog on and make your products easily accessible.

Shape Search

Find geometrically similar parts based on a reference part

Function Search

Find 3D parts based on their functionality

Color Search

Filtering of parts within the parts library by color

2D Sketch Search

Find similar components by drawing a simple 2D sketch

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Provide detailed, intelligent product data

Engineers and product developers want to concentrate on developing innovative products. If only low-fidelity CAD models are available, engineers have to spend time researching the relevant information to manually supplement within the design.

Conversely, digital twins, are already loaded with intelligent product data. This saves a time in daily design work and accelerates the time-to-market. Manufacturers who provide high-quality product data will reap the benefits.

What makes a component intelligent?

With an Electronic Product Catalog from CADENAS you provide more than just simple CAD models. The intelligent engineering data provides detailed information such as kinematics, direction of motion, degrees of freedom, acceleration, deceleration, nozzle and connection information, and mass centers. This enables manufacturers to provide their customers with optimal data for the digital transformation of the engineering process.

Data that Intelligent digital components must provide

click on the highlighted parts to see which information a digital twin contains
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Make your products accessible 24/7 worldwide


It is no longer enough to rely on trade shows to generate leads.

Digital tools are the future of marketing. An Electronic Product Catalog powered by eCATALOGsolutions ensures international visibility for your products. This generates more leads at a lower cost per lead than other marketing initiatives.

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Offer the right product to the right person, at the right time

The Electronic Product Catalog has completely redefined the sales processes for component manufacturers: The 3D CAD download portal is an ideal research platform for  engineers and purchasers. Each download provides valuable information about the users, which can be evaluated for Smart Engineering.

Your team knows your customers and their needs best, use the tools and information to refine and improve your sales process.

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What are you waiting for

Digital transformation leads to new possibilities for your sales and marketing strategy. By providing intelligent engineering data and digital twins, you become a key contributor to your customer’s product development process and your components will find their way into more designs than ever before!

Start Small - Grow Big

STEP or RFA Import
Convenient start
Extension of the existing solution with Multi CAD & 3D preview
Intelligent Parts
Market demand 2020
Intelligent CAD data with kinematics, center of mass, attachment points and much more
Digital Twin
For digital pioneers
Optimal simulation-capable product data for use in every system and every industry
Recommended for
Use of already existing data
Multi CAD capability (100+ Formats)
3D preview for your Website
Marketing via online marketplaces (approx. 24 Mn users)
Multi-language support and attributes
Configuration logic
Protection of your intellectual property
3D Dimensioning
Augmented Reality
Colors & Textures
Multiple levels of detail (LOD, LOI, LOG)
Smart hotspots
Complete BIM data
Simulation information & behavior
Individual product configurator & assistant
Effort for you as manufacturer
Necessary re-work by your customers
Small producers or resellers
Component manufacturers
Significant component manufacturers:
Mechanical engineering
Electrical Engineering
Plant construction
and many more
Market leaders,
Top manufacturers
Pioneers and opinion leaders
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