The multiplier for your BIM Multi CAD product catalog

CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions not only offers you an optimal solution for the customer-friendly implementation of a digital product catalog, but also ensures maximum international distribution.

Our partnerships with numerous well-known marketplaces are the multiplier for your electronic product catalog.

Since releasing the native CAD catalog with CADENAS, we have ascertained that 10x more parts are being downloaded.
Anthony Padalino
Global Market Analyst
DME Company LLC

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Millions of engineers, purchasers and architects throughout the world use and daily, and the linked vertical marketplaces.

Your Electronic CAD product catalog is thereby represented at over 85 online marketplaces, portals and social communities. Your electronic product catalog thus has a potential of reaching more than 16 000 000 users from over 100 000 companies.

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