Creating Clean Master Data

Weren’t you actually going to develop innovative products?

Instead of concentrating on the development of innovative products, your everyday working life as an engineer probably involves uninspiring tasks such as creating master data. Creating data files is not only annoying, but also requires considerable time and financial resources.

Example from large-scale industry: How much does a newly created article cost?

An example from large-scale industry shows that, in SAP R/3, about 750 databases in 15 views are available for the modules basic data 1&2, logistics, procurement, sales, design, production planning, etc. By creating a new article costs of 500 EUR would occur.

Clean master data ensures competitiveness

How high is the error rate of master data estimated to be by German companies?

Correct, current, consistent, complete and redundancefree data are the key to success. Nevertheless hardly any company has clean master data.

It‘s a familiar problem, but most of the time, opportunities to solve the problem are missing. Instead, new parts generation is promoted every day and plenty of unnecessary and inaccurate components are imported into the database.

Annual economic damages due to defective data quality

A study of the Data Warehousing Institute found out that in the USA alone economic damages of around 600 billion dollars arise from defective data quality. According to the Fraunhofer IAO Institute, this means for Germany a burden of approx. 186 billion euros.

The consequences of chaotic master data are i.a.:

  • Already existing components can‘t be found and will be created once more, which increases the proportion of an engineer’s administrative tasks
  • Procurement places several separate orders, instead of bundling orders to get lower purchase prices
  • Engineers develop new products with outdated parts that can no longer be purchased or will soon expire
Developing Factory Standards Automatic Master Data Creation

Success Stories

Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH
Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH

Wanzl shortens research and design times for the development of a new shopping cart by more than 2 hours with the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions powered by CADENAS.

MAN Truck & Bus AG
MAN Truck & Bus AG

By means of PARTsolutions by CADENAS all parts including complex geometries are traceable across different system and locations of the MAN Truck & Bus AG

SMS group
SMS group

SMS group avoids duplicates and offers the best possible data quality through PARTsolutions.

Starlinger & Co. GmbH
Starlinger & Co. GmbH

High reuse of parts in the product development process based on PARTsolutions.