Keep manufacturer data up-to-date

Thanks to the deep integration of (e.g. in Autodesk Revit), product catalogs and product data are available for users in a matter of seconds. Architects, designers, TGA experts and planners benefit from the easy „configure, insert & replace“ system and the extensive configuration options.

With the consistent link to the original manufacturer data, the inserted 3D BIM CAD objects are always up-to-date. Whenever any product information in the electronic product catalog is modified, the modifications are automatically taken over in the present design in Autodesk Revit.

Without, the updating of product data is not ensured

The duration of a project is usually a long time. Right at the beginning, the planner has access to the current BIM data of the manufacturer. If, in the course of the project, modifications of the product data are made by the manufacturer, the planner is not informed about it and continues to work with obsolete BIM data. To obtain current product data, the planner must actively and manually do the updating himself. In so doing, product data might be overlooked. This would then mean that the design is no longer up-to-date, which can lead to wide-ranging problems with implementing the project.

Keep product data up-to-date with the Content Plugin

The Content Plugin of CADENAS makes it easy for planners to insert Revit RFAs per „Configure, Insert & Replace“. Direct RFA selection is obtained and the data can be configured as needed. What‘s progressive about the CADENAS plugin: Manufacturers and planners stay in touch during the entire BIM process via the plugin. If the manufacturer changes his product data, planning is automatically updated. The planner always receives up-to-date or extended data without having to manually intervene. It saves time and ensures that the design contains no obsolete information that could lead to problems later on in the course of the project.

Overview of the advantages

  • Easy insertion of Revit RFAs via „Configure, Insert & Replace“
  • Revit RFAs can be easily modified and updated
  • Direct RFA selection and configuration
  • Constant link with manufacturer data for future updates
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