Isinnova’s emergency oxygen therapy mask adapter for a snorkeling mask now available for 3D printing on PARTcommunity

Isinnova presents innovative valve that helps to adapt a snorkeling mask into an emergency device for oxygen therapy

One of the problems related to current pandemic is the shortage of medical C-PAP oxygen therapy masks for sub-intensive therapy, especially in Italy. To deal with this problem, the Italian start-up Isinnova created a mask by readapting the Easybreath snorkel mask of Decathlon. The project is based on an idea of the former head physician of the Hospital of Gardone Valtrompia, Dr. Renato Favero.

Decathlon decided to supply Isinnova with the CAD model of the Easybreath mask and Isinnova implemented the necessary modifications to adapt the mask to the respirators. This is how the so-called "Charlotte valves" were designed: The new components were built to connect the snorkel mask to the oxygen therapy devices and can be manufactured by using a 3D printer.

The prototype was successfully tested on a patient at Chiari Hospital in Brescia, whose staff was enthusiastic about the idea. The connection valve was then patented, in order to prevent any speculation on the price of the component. The patent will remain for free use because Isinnova wants all hospitals to be able to use it without any costs.

"Easy Covid 19" valve CAD models now available on PARTcommunity powered by CADENAS

To make the "Easy Covid 19" valve CAD models available to every hospital, Isinnova has decided to share the files of the fitting for 3D printing on its website. The CADENAS decided to help Isinnova to spread this project worldwide. As of now, the 3D CAD models of the "Charlotte valves" are also available on the 3D CAD Download Portal PARTcommunity, available at: Everybody can download the models of the "Easy Covid 19" valve with just a few clicks and print them in 3D to produce the valves quickly.

"We are happy to help Isinnova to share this fantastic idea that has already helped to save many lives in Italy and worldwide, to our millions of PARTcommunity users. We would like to say thanks to Isinnova, and in particular to Marco Ruocco for giving us the chance to upload the 3D models on PARTcommunity and help them spread their project," says Luca Borghi, CEO of CADENAS Italiana.

Further information about the download and the free 3D printing models can be found at

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