Kingspan offers better transparency and trustworthy data powered by CADENAS to construction industry

Unable to trust manufacturer information is up-to-date and accurate? The construction industry requires better transparency and trustworthy data

Identifying the need for greater transparency and trustworthy product data compelled Kingspan to embark on the BIM Designer project in collaboration with CADENAS. The aim of the project is to deliver managed, structured data direct from source throughout the design phase. BIM Designer offers a multi-CAD approach to BIM object delivery, guaranteeing a direct link to Kingspan managed product data. Finding the true source of manufacturer’s BIM and digital content and configuring products to suit your building design requirements, is now, just a click away.

The web-based tool (BIM Designer) will provide users with access to the entire Kingspan product range, launching with Kingspan Insulated Panels and Kingspan Façades. BIM Designer is straightforward to use, offering effective flexibility for configuring the Kingspan product range, enabling designers to customise products and achieve precise design requirements. BIM Designer enables multi-disciplined collaboration, eliminating interoperability issues frequently encountered by designers, by delivering BIM objects in over 150 native file formats including Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft ARCHICAD and Trimble Tekla.

Registering for the BIM Designer tool is free and following registration, available for everyone to use and browse the Kingspan product range. Along with configurable BIM objects, 3D PDF Product Data Sheets are available for download after configuration containing up-to-date product information such as: U-Value, fire performance and acoustic performance. Along with the 3D PDF, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) modes are available within the tool, offering various output streams enhancing user’s client presentations.

Acknowledging the issue of over-modelling, BIM Designer has been developed to provide multiple levels of detail, ensuring users get the adequate level of detail at the conceptual, developed and technical design stages. Upon creation, the downloaded customised component will include dynamic and essential information relating to the product.

Along with customised components, Kingspan Revit Project Files (.rvt) are available, offering a further level of flexibility. These project files include the option of switching from metric to imperial measurements, as well as being able to apply regional standards in the tool, optimising convenience for designers working on international projects. Revit families contained within the project files contain dynamic product information, along with directly linking to the NBS website for product specifications where available – further enriching data transparency.

In the Digital Built Environment, product manufacturers play a vital role due to the quantities of information they possess for use in all stages of a project. Manufacturers must utilise technology for digital product delivery to ensure we can produce, maintain and serve digital assets/objects that are in every way as good as the physical products we produce. Ensuring they meet user requirements, with interoperability at the core.
Brian Glancy, Head of BIM Strategy, Kingspan Group

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