Plan buildings effectively with ECLASS & by CADENAS

Sustainable BIM communication between the manufacturer of construction components and architects, planners and civil engineers

Plan buildings effectively with ECLASS & by CADENAS

Large building projects, such as a hospital, a railway station or an airport, take a very long time to complete due to a lack of communication between the individuals responsible for the respective construction phases, often longer than planned. Building Information Modeling (BIM) serves as a necessary measure to optimize the exchange of information among all those involved in the project and to avoid misunderstandings in the planning and to shorten project durations. The classification system ECLASS also meets the needs of the growing importance of BIM and provides architects, planners and civil engineers with the subject area 22, entitled building technology. The ECLASS subject area supports the AEC area with planning and its classification ensures that one and the same component is being referred to, regardless of what the architect or manufacturer calls it.


CADENAS is also very active as a proper ECLASS member in BIM and a long-standing ECLASS IT service provider. The German software company, as a leading provider for 3D & 2D manufacturer catalogs and intelligent engineering CAD data, has adapted, extended and optimized its proven technology for the BIM & architect area and aligned with it the special requirements of the architecture sector. With the help of technology, manufacturers of construction components can provide their products for download in all common AEC and BIM CAD formats and thus offer their customers and interested parties the best of service, which in turn will raise sales. The CADENAS download platform thus serves as a link between manufacturers of building products and customers such as architects, planners and civil engineers.

This is how manufacturers can provide their products with BIM data optimally and meet customer needs

The technology enables component manufacturers to create and maintain their product data in a central database, and to offer from these optimal multi CAD product data for all AEC and BIM in 2D as well as 3D. The concept is based on the unique preparation of the intelligent 3D CAD model in combination with the languages and classifications desired by the manufacturer, such as ECLASS and supported product attributes. Each occupational group of the building industry has its own standards and each country its own requirements and needs for information regarding product properties. Thus 13 classifications, 12 languages, 100 CAD formats, 3 CAD versions and 5 levels of development (LOD) lead to around 240,000 data combinations of one product variant. With, all data is automatically generated on-the-fly in the desired combination of information and transferred to the user when downloading. provides intelligent 3D CAD models in combination with the languages requested by the manufacturer, classifications such as ECLASS and supported product attributes.

In order to easily integrate the product data from architects and civil engineers into their plannings, the digital product catalogs of component manufacturer should include, among other things, the following product information:

  • Digital native 3D BIM CAD models of the building components

  • All relevant product attributes as well as the tender documents in as many languages as possible

  • Products should support product classifications by assigning the various product classes such as with ECLASS

Would you also like to enrich your product data of your already existing construction components catalog with the ECLASS classification? Then contact our expert Markus Poppinghuys by e-mail or give us a call at+49 201 2 48 89 9 - 0.

This is how architects & planners optimize their building planning with manufacturer-certified 3D BIM CAD models in all common architecture CAD formats

Users, such as architects, benefit from the platform with numerous 3D CAD models of well-known component manufacturers, which you can download in all common architecture CAD formats and integrate directly into your design. Architects and civil engineers receive all relevant data of a component with the download, which is needed for the life cycle of a component. Moreover, you can be sure that the selected component can really be ordered from the manufacturer. The platform by CADENAS facilitates the communication between component manufacturers and architects with its numerous manufacturer catalogs and also thanks to the extensive service.

Autodesk Revit Plugin

There are often modifications and extensions of components already planned by the manufacturer during the planning phase. To keep the components up to date even during the planning process, CADENAS has developed a pioneering content plugin for Autodesk Revit and other CAD systems. This ensures the quick changing and updating of all common Revit RFAs. The connection between manufacturers and planners thus remains intact during the entire BIM process. Thanks to the deep integration of the plugin, numerous certified product catalogs of well-known manufacturers, with a hundred thousand BIM objects, are available for users of Autodesk Revit 2014 to 2018 in a matter of seconds. Architects, designers, TGA experts and planners benefit from the simple "configure, insert & replace" system and the extensive configuration options. Additional plugins for Archicad, Allplan and Tekla are already under development.