Schrempp electronic GmbH is ready for the future with a scalable 3D CAD product catalog powered by CADENAS

Digital product catalog optimizes information flow between designers and the manufacturer of lighting systems

Digital product catalog optimizes information flow between designers and the manufacturer of lighting systems

Schrempp electronic GmbH, a Hessian manufacturer of LED lighting systems with a focus on industrial, signal and system luminaires, has been able to record a steadily increasing demand for CAD data relevant to design in recent years. The software manufacturer CADENAS was consulted on the implementation of a professional online solution and the associated optimized provision of information for engineers and designers.

Optimized provision of information fastens communication with customers

Engineers and designers today need quick and easy access to product information. Schrempp electronic has received most requests for engineering data by email. Since the requirements are very specific, the detailed response took a lot of time. Therefore, it became necessary to optimize the communication between the manufacturer and its customers.

Conscious decision for CADENAS technology

"The best possible fulfilment of customer requirements regarding product information and at the same time reducing the effort for us were our main goals. We realized that this could be achieved by offering high-quality 3D CAD data on our website," says Wolfram Schrempp, Managing Director of Schrempp electronic GmbH. "For small and medium-sized companies, it is important that such a solution not only meets today's requirements but also grows in the future. We searched the market and compared some suppliers. However, the CADENAS solution best fulfilled our requirements," explains Wolfram Schrempp.

Smart engineering data to download

With the implementation of the Electronic Product Catalog based on the eCATALOGsolutions technology by CADENAS, Schrempp electronic now offers engineers and designers intelligent 3D CAD product data from the machine, signal and workplace lighting sectors as downloads. With the online catalog via the 3D CAD download portal, Engineers and purchasers can simply select the desired component download it in over 150 native CAD formats, such as Autodesk Inventor, SOLIDWORKS or Solid Edge, and integrate it into their design with just a few clicks.

In addition, the CADENAS solution supports Schrempp electronic in promoting their products: Represented on over 90 international online marketplaces, more than 23 million potential customers in 120 countries, who can use the 3D CAD models of the components, can now be reached easily through these platforms.

3D CAD catalog is constantly adapted to customer needs

"We are continually expanding our product catalog, adapting it to the needs of our customers and the further development of our product portfolios. This allows us to continuously offer high-quality customer service," explains Managing Director Wolfram Schrempp. "In the next few months more products will be available as CAD models on our new website."

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