The more pinpoint and personalised advertising is, the greater its success. With Target Inbox Mailing, manufacturers select exactly the target groups for which their product is interesting. This significantly increases the effectiveness of advertising measures.

In 2023, the German contribution to the Venice Biennale focuses on the circular construction industry. The pavilion conveys a clear message: in order to turn old into new and at the same time conserve resources, the digital planning of buildings is indispensable.

In order to lead the construction industry into a digital future, the two portals buildup and 3Dfindit have entered into a cooperation. This makes the high-quality, digital product data available to an even broader and international planning community.

Tria2000 has chosen the Catalog powered by CADENAS for the on-demand distribution of product data. The CADENAS platforms simplify the search and selection of components, offering designers the possibility of downloading products in different CAD formats. This avoids errors and streamlines the entire production process, as well as increases customer satisfaction.

In marketing, lead generation often has the highest priority. But it is crucial for sales that generated leads are also converted into buyers. In this process the CADENAS CRM Connector supports component manufacturers.

Bortolin Kemo adopted CADENAS' solution for intelligent part and code management to optimise production costs. Thanks to the collaboration with CADENAS, the company achieved tangible benefits, such as the reduction of duplicate parts, and intangible benefits, such as increased forecasting capacity.

A new function on 3Dfindit facilitates the work of building designers who use Autodesk Revit. From now on, they can generate BIM-enabled components in numerous variants as entire Revit families on the platform. This has great advantages for the planning process.

In order for more road users to switch to electric cars in the future, a nationwide charging infrastructure is missing. KEBA and CADENAS increase the speed of the mobility turnaround by accelerating the planning process for charging stations.