PARTsolutions стандарты

Стратегическое управление частями PARTsolutions от CADENAS-а позволяет инженерам доступ к данным всех, часто используемых стандартных компонентов

С перечнем доступных стандартов можете ознакомиться здесь:

Outdated, follow up is SAE
AS 14101 CBearings, plain, self-lubricating, self-aligning, low speed, narrow, grooved race, -65 to +325 °F
AS 14103 DBearings, plain, self-lubricating, self-aligning, low speed, wide, grooved race, -65 to +325 °F
AS 21232Bearings, plain, self-aligning, groove outer ring, tfe lined, narrow
AS 21428Bearings, ball, airframe, anti-friction, extra light duty, precision
AS 27641Bearing, ball, airframe, anti-friction, intermediate duty
AS 27644Bearings, ball, airframe, anti-friction, double row, heavy duty
AS 27646Bearings, ball, airframe, anti-friction, extra light duty
AS 81820/1Bearing, plain, self-aligning, self-lubricating, lined bore, low speed, narrow, grooved race, -65 to +325 °F
AS 81934-1Bearings, sleeve, plain, self-lubricating, -65°F to 325°F
AS 81934-2Bearings, sleeve, flanged, self-lubricating, -65°F to 325°F
AS 81935-6Bearing, plain rod ende, self-aligning, self-lubricating, wide, externally threaded, steel, corrosion resistant (cres) -65 to +325 °F
AS 3418Bolts, machine, double hexagon, extendet washer head, close tolerance_x000D_ shank, AMS 5662, 0.250-28 UNJF-3A
AS 3420Bolts, machine, double hexagon, extendet washer head, close tolerance_x000D_ shank, AMS 5662, 0.375-24 UNJF-3A
AS 3580Bolts, machine - double hex head, PD SHANK, UNS NO7718 - 185 ksi
AS 21919Clamps, loop type, cushioned, support
AS 15001Fittings, lubrication, hydraulic, surface check, .250-28 taper threads, steel, type 1
AS 5176Fittings, sleeve, flared
AS 5231Fittings, plug, tube end, flareless
AS 3486Nuts, self-locking, extended double hexagon, reduced flange, dry film lube,_x000D_ UNS S66286, CLASS: 160 ksi/800 °F
AS 3552Nuts, self-locking, double hexagon, silver plated, extended wrench pad_x000D_ 180 KSI, 1400 °F, UNS N07001
AS 5178Nuts, fitting, bulkhead
AS 9245Pins, cotter-cres, AMS 7211
AS 9390Pin, straight, headless, dowel - CRES, UNS S66286
AS 28775Packing, preformed - MS 28775 O-ring
AS 28778Packings, preformed, straight thread tube fitting boss
AS 3209Packing, preformed - AMS 7276 O-ring
AS 3217Rings, retaining-spiral, internal, light duty, cres (crimped)
AS 33671Straps, tiedown, electrical components, adjustable, self-clinching, plastic, type I, class 1
AS 21900Adapter, flareless tube to a flared tube
AS 21902Unions, flareless tube
AS 21907 CElbows, bulkhead universal, 45°, flareless tube
AS 21913 CPlugs, flareless tube
AS 21916 DReducers, external thread, flareless tube
AS 5781Retainers (Backup rings), Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Polytetrafluoroethylene Resin, Single Turn, Scharf-Cut, For Use in AS4716 Glands
AS 5860Retainers (back-up rings), hydraulic and pneumatic, polytetraflouroethylene resin, single turn, static gland
AS 8791Retainers, packing, hydraulic and pneumatic, polytetrafluoroethylene, single turn
AS 9581Washers, key - 90 deg.
AS 9582Washer, key - 270 deg.

Status: 09/2023

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