»eCATALOGsolutions has won the benchmark because it is the only system capable of supplying the desired export formats (extremely high quality from native formats and intelligent parts with optional additional data) and also flexible further export options. The maintenance capability was also important.«
Hans-Jürgen Strubel

Innovative Technologies

With eCATALOGsolutions, CADENAS’ Electronic Product Catalog, you are always one step ahead with innovative and future-oriented technology.

CADENAS innovations on the example of web technologies


One example for innovations by CADENAS: 3D CAD Downoad portal PARTcommunity

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1 Individual layout according to your CI
2 Live Support
3 Individual configuration of the components
4 3D CAD View
5 Geometric search in 3D
Searching with a 2D sketch
Reference sources
8 Slider
9 Google Gadgets & Feeds