»For ten years we have been cooperating with CADENAS, achieving many successful developments like the CAD product catalog, the offline CD ROMs, the product assistant, the 3D PDF data sheet and the joint trade show appearances at the EuroMold. In the past years we have been able to inspire our customers with many exciting innovations.«
Christen Merkle
Managing Director
AHP Merkle GmbH


» About 87% of downloaded CAD models lead to purchased products. «

How do you decide on a product?

At the beginning is the engineer - he alone makes the decision for your product!

The engineer makes the decision for your components

CADENAS survey among engineers

With eCATALOGsolutions we support the engineer optimally during the
design process!

Will you choose one supplier over another because they have 3D CAD data for you to download?

74,7 % prefer a supplier who offers 3D CAD models for download

When download 3D parts, do you prefer to get your parts in your native CAD file format?

80,9 % of the engineers prefer 3D CAD Models in their CAD format

When you download a 3D CAD part into your design will this part be purchased?

86,6 % of downloaded 3D CAD models lead to purchased products

One market leader for numerous industries

More than 600 component manufacturers of various industries already rely on eCATALOGsolutions by CADENAS for their Electronic Product Catalogs.

CADENAS 3D CAD catalogs of renowned manufacturers

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