Digital customs tariffing made easy with new netwykZOLL interface in PARTsolutions

Correct customs tariff numbers and transparent documentation with a few clicks

Determining the correct customs tariff numbers is not an easy task for many companies that export to other countries, are facing a Customs audit, or whose products are on embargo lists. An extensive and complicated set of rules and regulations, as well as a shortage of skilled personnel, are part of the problem. Due to the complex structure of the numbers, there was hardly any software for this on the market for a long time, which meant a great deal of manual effort and high process costs. At the same time, customs tariffing should have a high priority in a company, as errors in goods tariffing can quickly have legal consequences.

Henning Uiterwyk, CEO of, recognized this problem and developed netwykZOLL, a cloud-based SaaS solution for individual and mass determination of customs tariff numbers according to current specifications. This time-saving tool is now integrated into the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS via an interface. With a netwykZOLL license, PARTsolutions users can now determine correct customs tariff numbers directly from the parts management and add them to the article master.

Quick and error-free determination of customs tariff numbers via netwykZOLL interface in PARTsolutions

Here is how it works: Select a standard or purchased part from the parts library or from your own parts list and transfer the product label to the customs tariff number determination tool by pressing a button. The correct material group is assigned to the product. After the following configuration of some attributes like material and type, the correct customs tariff number is transferred back to PARTsolutions and added to the master data.

"This workflow allows a time saving of around 50% for each part compared to manual customs tariffing. In case of a Customs audit, the audit trail of the respective customs tariff number is transferred to PARTsolutions and stored for tracking," explains Henning Uiterwyk. In the joint webinar, Alen Blechinger, CEO of CADENAS Solutions GmbH, and Henning Uiterwyk talked about the new interface and used practical examples to show how easy digital customs tariffing can be with and CADENAS.

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