View IMI Precision Engineering’s Online Product Configurator video offering a “best in class” online user experience, powered by CADENAS

Instant online configurations, download functions in multiple CAD formats, with a CRM and an eShop integration and much more in this success story

The complete success story of how IMI Precision Engineering chose CADENAS to increase customer satisfaction through an Electronic Product Catalog eCATALOGsolutions can now be found online. An Electronic Product Catalog together with an Online Product Configurator was seamlessly integrated into the existing website and eShop maintaining the full IMI Precision Engineering branding.

Seamlessly embedded portal into the existing eShop

To view the Online Product Configurator in action, IMI Precision Engineering has a promotion video on their YouTube channel showing the ease in which customers can configure, download and purchase products. “CADENAS was the obvious choice due to the ease with which we could embed configuration technology and CAD downloads into our existing website,” explains Jez Ashton IMI Precision Engineering Global Online Marketing Manager. Actuators and grippers are the first two examples of configurable products with many more to follow which will be offered by IMI Precision Engineering a global manufacturing company with locations in over 75 countries. The CADENAS solution supports multiple languages ensuring the offering is truly global, as well as providing over 100 native CAD formats online within the eShop.

Success Story

To read more about this success story, our customer brochure is now available to download. It offers an in-depth explanation of the first ever integration of an Electronic Product Catalog eCATALOGsolutions into an existing CRM system and company eShop. Also hear more about what IMI Precision Engineering thought about working together with CADENAS on this ground breaking project that allowed for them to offer a “best in class” online user experience for their customers.

IMI Success Story