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Wohlhaupter Tool-ArchitectWohlhaupter

Interactive 3D Web Configurator

Wohlhaupter Tool-Architect

Project targets:

  • Individual Interface

  • Assembly of tools

  • Export of 2D Dimensional drawings and 3D tool information

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Festo Design Tool 3D

Festo Design Tool 3D

Project targets:

  • Configuration software reduces the risk of errors when designing and ordering system modules and offers greater convenience

  • Quick and simple automated generation of product combinations

  • Delivering system modules as a complete package with one order item simplifies logistics and assembly operations

  • Reduces the amount of system design work and therefore saves a considerable amount of time

  • Minimizes the risk of configuration errors and saves time all along the entire value chain

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Interactive product configurator

ABB Interactive Product Configurator

Project targets:

  • Load a component from


  • Configuration and creation of a clamping device

  • Avoid configuration mistakes

  • It should be possible to export results to simulation programs


Direct links to products in the CAD download portal, identical corporate design, DEEPLINKS


Project targets:

  • Direct access to CAD download area (Afag PARTcommunity) and product family via the Afag product selector.

  • Corporate design according to Afag marketing.

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AHP Merkle GmbH AHP Merkle

Design program for CD-ROM
and the WWW with CAD download,
seamless integration into website with IFRAME

AHP Merkle

Project targets:

  • Assistant which is easy to operate, with design/calculation and 3D preview

  • Assistant runs with

    CD-ROM and WWW

  • Seamless integration with


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Project targets:

  • Simple and fast configuration with

    3D preview and CAD model download

  • C

    orporate design of the page is maintained

  • Integration into existing website


Product configuration for vale islands with pneumatic symbols

Camozzi Product configuration for vale islands with pneumatic symbols

Project targets:

  • Visual and comprehensive configuration with the help of pneumatic symbols

  • Seamless integration

  • More than 80 CAD formats

  • Interactive 3D viewer



Project targets:

  • Simple and fast configuration with 3D preview and CAD model download

  • Corporate design of the page is maintained

  • Integration into existing website



Project targets:

  • Configurator to define customer specific parts including the possibility to order directly

  • Operability for

    DVD and WWW

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Grand Rapids ControlsGrand Rapids Controls

Interactive Configurator for Mechanical Control Cables

Grand Rapids Controls Interactive Configurator for Mechanical Control Cables

Project targets:

  • Tenfold reduction of configuration effort

  • 50+ product configuration options

  • More than 150+ CAD formats

  • Customer specific document generation

  • Fast download dialogue

HUB CityHUB City

HUB City

Project targets:

  • Simple and fast configuration with 3D preview and CAD model download

  • Corporate design of the page is maintained

  • Integration into existing website

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Webshop integration with configurator and MultiCAD CAD download

MISUMI Product configurator MISUMI Produktkonfigurator

Project targets:

  • Create a multilingual configurator with CAD preview

  • 3D preview calculation of specifically configurated parts within a few seconds

  • Integration into current

    eSHOP solution of Misumi

  • CAD download possibility into all important CAD formats

  • Providing a real time delivery date and calculating the price depending on the configuration

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PHD Inc.

Project targets:

  • Simple and fast configuration of a valve terminal with 3D preview and CAD model download

  • Corporate design of the page is maintained

  • Integration into existing website

  • 3D PDF data sheet

  • 2D icon displayed

PHD Inc. PHD Inc.

PHD Inc.

Project targets:

  • Integration into website and the existing design tool

  • Configuration with ordering number

  • Preview of the configurated 3D CAD model

  • Online and CD-ROM catalog have the same content

  • Handover to CAD

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Project targets:

  • Web solution

  • Operability of 3D preview for several web browsers

  • Simple and fast configuration

  • Integration of existing eSHOPs

  • Generating 3D preview graphics for website

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Norelem norelem



Project targets:

  • Solution where customer registers for the im Norelem Webshop and on request he is forwarded to the CAD download area without having to log-in again.

  • At login he is always redirected from the CAD download area to the shop

  • Use corporate design of NORELEM


Integration of a B2B Webshop


Project targets:

  • Integrate

    B2B webshop into CAD download portal

  • Keep the Corporate Design



Project targets:

  • Integration to existing web configurator (SAP controlled)

  • Multi-CAD export

  • Support sales by statistical evaluation of downloads

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Project targets:

  • eCATALOGsolutions data transfer from PIM systems via BMEcat format

  • Direct integration into website

  • Sending emails and downloads of the CAD models and export them directly into CAD system

  • Multi-CAD output

  • Visualizing print catalog articles in 3D with a webcam and the CADENAS QR-Code-Technology (coming soon)

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Project targets:

  • User-Login-transfer and integration into existing e-shop solution

  • Deeplinks of e-shop articles to PARTcommunity

  • Seamless integration of 3D preview into own website

  • Independent eCATALOGsolutions data preparation

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Project targets:

  • Integration of CAD download-services into existing online catalog

  • CAD data download to article level via sending emails

  • Independent data preparation with eCATALOGsolutions software

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Project targets:

  • Integration of PARTcommunity into Facebook with a customer-specific design and an optimized arrangement within a facebook column.

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